How to Conduct a Customer Experience Audit


July 6, 2022

Written by

Merlene Leano

Customers, not sellers, now have the lion's share of influence in the market. 

Loyalty and customer retention are built based on exceptional customer experience. Typically, people are prepared to pay more for the same goods and services, especially if it's high-quality products at a low price. They become even willing to shell out money if they believe that the business is making an additional effort to interact with their audience.

Every business should take a moment to think about how they might improve their client assistance services, no matter what sector they operate in. An irate customer who had an unfavorable encounter with your support representatives might share their disappointment online. It could have devastating effects on your organization.

To prevent this, you need a customer experience audit (CX audit).

Having a CX audit done might help you find solutions to problems. It will help you to adopt better marketing tactics, resulting in more repeat buyers, a higher lifetime value, and a hike in revenue.

You'll also be able to recognize issues and ask the correct questions to get to the bottom of them. It's a chance to look at how all of your processes, procedures, workforce, and technology affect how you assist and communicate with your customers.

How do you conduct CX audits? 

This article explains how to audit customer experience.

It will also tackle ways to boost CX score along with the efficiency of your client support operations.

1. Check your response time

What happens if a business takes too long to reply and fails to fulfill customers' expectations?

They no longer conduct business with you.

Training your staff to respond to queries quickly and in real-time while also ensuring that they provide solutions based on useful and meaningful data merits successful execution of support services. The first response is critical to establishing trust and a strong working B2C relationship. Your team's average FRT (First Response Time) should be among the priorities of your support agents to boost satisfaction consistently.

In the customer service audit process, it's critical to keep an eye out for instances when your employees are taking too long to respond. In this approach, you'll learn more about how to satisfy your clientele in terms of reaction time.

2. Monitor complaints

Generally, complaints serve as insights on what areas should be worked on and upgraded.

The complaints that people relay to the business tell a lot about the company's overall score. Therefore, any business seeking to perform well knows the importance of monitoring negative feedback.

As part of your digital experience audit, monitoring how many complaints your business receives monthly or even weekly would help your company identify if there is a need for improvement in customer support.

3. Check your client support agents' knowledge base

Knowing your products inside and out is critical in providing excellent customer service.

Your client assistance and front-end teams must have a solid understanding of the product or service you are selling. It is the key to deliver the greatest possible assistance to both new and long-time patrons of your business.

How does this impact your customers in general?

When customers observe a lack of knowledge and familiarity with your services from your staff, it diminishes their assurance and satisfaction level with your business. They might even view your services as lacking competence and resolution.

It is essential to assess the knowledge level of your customer care representatives regularly. Non-sales support workers may have a difficult time learning and improving their product expertise. If you want your customer care representatives to be able to answer questions about your products or services, you'll need to provide relevant resources.

4. Hold regular meetings with the staff

One of the secrets to an effective audit of customer experience, is to hold regular team performance reviews and additional training with your support agents.

For an effective audit of customer experience, your team should have a meeting on a regular basis.

In reality, even if you have the greatest and most effective team of agents, they will break apart if they lack motivation, are unhappy or don't work well together. That's why it's very important to have frequent meetings with your staff.

Monitoring the health of your customer care operators and determining precisely what is happening with your clients is critical. Complex problems may be discussed, and ideas and solutions worked out in your teams, such as how to react to customers and even concessions within the constraints of your support system.

Empowering your staff, if done effectively, will encourage them to be engaged and motivated, allowing you and other support managers to concentrate on more challenging responsibilities.

5. Implement a QA system

Customers' service interactions at a contact center are subject to quality assurance checks to make sure they're of the highest possible standard.

The use of quality assurance helps contact centers verify that client interactions are aligned with company objectives. Pairing your services with standardized communication procedures with customers are the main objectives of this program.

To conduct an audit that gauges , a team manager uses A contact center QA guide to listen in on conversations exchanged between customers, leads, and client support staff. It allows them to gauge the problem area with better clarity. The conversations or messages may be derived from emails, call logs, as well as live chat messaging history and previous interactions on social media. All of these data are compared to a quality assurance scorecard. Next, the findings of these evaluations are utilized to help agents improve their performance.

6. Consider your buyer’s perspective

Without putting yourself in your target buyer’s place, you can't genuinely grasp their experience or what exactly they want enhanced about your services or products. If your support representative doesn't comprehend the message behind your customers' words, they will fail at providing an appropriate solution for the scenario.

Your customer's pain points serve as your reference in gaining a more profound knowledge of what they are going through. It's critical to see your services from their point of view.

Consequently, as your support agents become more empathetic with your target audience, which in turn gradually builds their trust in your business.

Elevate User Experience

Using the  customer audit checklist above, you can guarantee that your organization is always ahead of the curve. It is crucial to know how to conduct a customer experience audit to see how well your strategy is faring and pinpoint which measures you must take to meet your audience halfway.

While a thorough CX audit might uncover numerous immediate issues and possibilities, it's critical to keep in mind that the goal is to develop a long-term plan. Consider what measures you should take next as you go through your audit. In each round of the audit, there should be a distinct set of issues to fix. Also, you should be able to design an action plan and begin the process of meeting user expectations.

Several contact centers are available to enhance your client support services and generate more income for the company. A client experience plan may seem time-consuming and costly if you look at it from a business perspective.

As an option, you can always outsource your call center services to experts like New Media Services. With our extensive expertise in contact center services, we've mastered all of the best practices for enhancing user satisfaction. Our professional agents are well-versed in customizing solutions to meet your company's specific demands. We also offer multilingual assistance and cover communication channels, such as email, live chat, and voice support.

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