How to Build Your Business Brand Online: The 2021 Guide Edition


February 26, 2021

Written by

Merlene Leano

With the digital generation progressively pushing forward, consumers became more meticulous with the brands they support. Today, most consumers opt to buy products from brands they are familiar with. As a small business, competing with the “big dogs” of the industry can be a bit of a challenge. This is especially true if you are trying to gain a massive user-base on the internet.

The internet’s influence plays a crucial role in building your business’ overall existence. Nowadays, to become successful in your chosen niche, you need to have a solid online brand building strategy. Your end-goal should focus on how to build a successful brand online that can translate and exhibit your business’ identity as a whole.

If you are having a tough time devising ideas for branding your business online, then you’re in the perfect place. Read on to know more about why you should build a brand for your business and gain knowledge of the specifics of building a brand for your business online.

Why Branding is Important for Your Business?

Normally, when we say “brand”, the first thing that pops into our minds is the “name” of a renowned company such as Nike, Toyota, Netflix, and Mcdonalds. But in reality, the meaning of the term “brand” is not only defined as the name of the company itself—it’s more than that.

Branding serves as your business’ lifeline in terms of creating awareness of the real significance of your products and services to your target clientele. It is the primary component of building your customers’ trust, achieving a raving fan-base, boosting credibility as well as establishing the distinctiveness of your company. Furthermore, the ability to build your brand online successfully bridges the gap between you and your target audience, thus, giving you the opportunities to elevate your sales process and generate more sales for your business.

Smart Tips on How to Professionally Build Your Brand for Your Business

Always take note that building your brand is not a walk in the park. It’s way more than creating a fun TV commercial with catchy sing-a-long and stuff (though these are great). You need to exert more effort and commitment. Brainstorm and let your creative ideas flow. Execute your strategies with finality and confidence. Adapt to your business’ pain points and learn newer ways to gain customer insights from trends or be as resourceful as taking a tip or two from your competitors. Doing so enables you to come up with brilliant ways to build a brand for your business.

Nevertheless, here is a definitive breakdown of the bare essentials you need to consider as an entrepreneur to successfully build a brand for your small business.

1. Create a Compelling Blog Page

The first step to creating brand awareness for a new business is to leave a lasting mark on your audiences through visual representations of your company. This can be done by mixing the advantages of content-rich blogs paired with impressive designs.

Creating blogs is an ideal move to gain consistent traction in your chosen industry. Google's algorithm continuously becomes smarter every second, and so publishing informative content is your bread and butter in ranking higher on search engines. Moreover, sharing content-rich and industry-focused blogs on social media channels allows you to reach more prospective audiences and improve your website traffic at a dramatic rate.

2. Maximize Social Media

In this social-savvy generation, social media is one of the best avenues to build your brand. With almost limitless features allowing you to execute your marketing approaches, building your brand even from scratch has never been this easy with social media.

Embracing social media is yet another excellent tip for branding your business. However, you need to have prior knowledge of how it really works. One of the most common mistakes that entrepreneurs and businesses commit is stretching their presence too thin just to cover all social networking channels. You don’t want to be omnipotently present but posting low-quality content. Try choosing two to three platforms at a time and focus on those.

Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, and Twitter are the most in-demand social networking sites today. Each platform has its distinct features to help you push your brand. And to maximize the full potential of your chosen channels, having an in-depth understanding of all the features available at your disposal is a great way to start.

3. Employ Content Moderation

The internet can be very prolific, but it is not safe from content that can pose threats to your online brand well-being. Remember that the digital era is the era of word-of-mouth. A single word can determine your success and failure. That is why it is important to keep your eyes peeled for harmful user-generated content now more than ever. The best way to control and monitor the flow of interaction on your online platforms (especially social media) is to employ a reliable content moderation system in place.

Content moderation works best in safeguarding your social networking communities as well as your website against abusive, offensive, and deeply prohibited content posted by online trolls. This way, you maintain a harmonious atmosphere within your social media pages while continuously gaining customer loyalty towards your brand.

4. Create an Enticing Logo

Every business needs a logo to amplify its identity as a reputable brand both physically and virtually. Your logo doesn’t have to be fancy. It doesn’t matter if it is simple. Just see to it that your logo is able to symbolize the significance of your business to your target audience. Doing so allows you to build brand awareness and improve your recognition as a whole.

5. Think of a Striking Tagline

The next thing that you need to think of after designing a proper logo is to come up with a striking and memorable tagline. Much like your logo, your tagline provides a lasting mark to your audiences. Avoid making vague taglines. Instead, see to it that your tagline is straightforward. Always use phrases that audiences can easily remember once they enter your website. Think of a tagline that delivers how your audience can benefit from your brand. As a reference, check out our tagline:

6. Get Familiarized with Your Target Market

Remember, all the aforementioned tips are useless if you don’t know your target audience. Building your brand means having an in-depth knowledge of your buyer persona. Make sure to trace their buying behaviors to easily know whether your marketing campaigns are aligned to their preferences or not.

This is Just the Beginning!

These tips are just your stepping stones in building your brand online and taking it to the next level. There are still tons of ways on how to be successful in branding your business. Knowing the fundamentals is key to making it possible.

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