How AI Can Improve Customer Experience


May 27, 2022

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Merlene Leano

The use of artificial intelligence in customer service has left a significant impact on how firms execute customer-centric methods, and that’s over the span of just a few years. AI has considerably augmented business marketing functions, making it easier for them to create more personalized solutions to meet client needs. Also, more and more firms are discovering how to use AI to improve customer experience, valuable information that they can then leverage to improve their competitive edge in the global market.

AI should no longer be viewed as a future trend because it is already the present that the world is living in. It makes sense to claim that AI technology is a defining component for businesses to thrive in this ever-changing economy. If you are new to the notion of AI or if you have been utilizing it but haven't maximized its full potential, this blog is for you. 

Here, we will discuss how AI can improve customer experience and possibly help you give the finest customer service possible.

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Customer Experience

Artificial intelligence has become an outstanding component to power numerous marketing functions, particularly customer experience. Combining artificial intelligence and customer experience strategies enables organizations to rethink their tactics in order to better fit their products and services to the demands and standards of their customers, as well as encourage them to become their own brand ambassadors.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

In its most basic form, artificial intelligence (AI) is a field of computer science concerned with creating intelligent machines capable of executing and accomplishing activities that normally require human intelligence. AI, in conjunction with machine learning and deep learning, simulates the problem-solving, decision-making, and all-encompassing powers of the human mind.

How can artificial intelligence change customer experience?

The explanation is self-evident: With the continuous learning of AI algorithms, organizations become better equipped to manage an extensive range of customer circumstances involving various customer concerns and become more effective in offering a top-tiered customer experience.

Operating in this fast-paced industry necessitates firms to catch up with the most up-to-date techniques and make a beeline to become one of the market's most known enterprises.

AI supplements the breadth of their existing customer-centric techniques, allowing businesses to drive more interaction, encourage loyalty, and improve overall client retention. Also, while AI is not a replacement for humans, it may be quite useful in accomplishing mundane activities that human operators generally find monotonous. These are typically routine tasks, such as answering frequently requested queries or providing a quick rundown of price lists.

Aside from customer support, consider possibilities in the e-commerce industry as well. In recent years, the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on online shopping has been palpable. It became more prevalent during the onset of the pandemic. Whereas the majority of households have become more reliant on online shopping and delivery, recent surveys revealed that, following the pandemic, more than half of 3700 poll respondents now prefer shopping online. A huge chunk of individuals worldwide rely on the internet for the latest news, wellness information, and all forms of entertainment.

Furthermore, merging artificial intelligence with the online retail industry has significantly improved businesses' capacity to become more responsive when interacting with their clients through omnichannel approaches. These approaches can only be processed with the automated features of machine learning technologies, made more efficient by human expertise. 

Chatbots can vastly improve the quality of user engagement through continuous integration and self-learning. It will no longer be limited to simply answering FAQs and providing preliminary assistance but will be able to predict and offer the best recommendation based on insights gleaned from user profiles, purchasing history, and buyer preferences.

That is just the beginning. Artificial intelligence is already a component of the fourth industrial revolution and shows no indications of slowing down. 

6 Ways AI Can Improve Customer Experience

There are numerous other ways AI may assist firms in elevating the customer experience, namely:

1. Proactive Response Through Chatbots

Chatbots can be programmed to gather information about a customer's purchasing history and browsing patterns to give personalized responses anytime they contact the company's help desk channels. This, of course, can be accomplished by combining machine learning and predictive analysis, which is extremely useful not only in identifying common customer difficulties but also in more complicated situations. 

Chatbot data teaches the algorithm to give a more tailored client experience while remaining preemptive. This is especially true when chatbots are used on high-traffic channels like social media to provide initial evaluations of complaints or self-service support to customers searching for quick fixes or product descriptions.

2. Cost Reduction

Multiple studies show that the majority of large organizations currently spend more than $1.3 trillion each year on customer support calls. Meanwhile, using AI in customer experience has the potential to drastically reduce customer service expenses. Chatbots free up agents' time and allow them to work on more sophisticated tasks in addition to speeding up response times. 

Call computerization combines the benefits of machine learning and speech recognition to supplement voice response systems and ensure that clients are engaged throughout their transaction while saving a considerable amount of money when compared to relying only on human operators.

3. Simplifies Work Processes

AI-powered help desks are ideal for delivering quick answers to frequently asked inquiries or guiding customers during their purchasing process. This improves workflow by allowing agents to focus on other important duties.

While chatbots are efficient on many levels, they still have limitations. Also, conversing with a chatbot may not always be as effective. Clients can be diverted to the agent with the appropriate specialization with the use of self-service support and initial problem assessments, making it easier for support representatives to solve problems with higher accuracy.

4. Constant Serviceability

As exaggerated as it may seem, some customers tend to be extremely demanding when it comes to the service they want to receive. They demand solutions based on their terms.

Business support channels should be accessible at all times, particularly when a client encounters an issue with the product or service that they receive. AI has the potential to automate this procedure. It enables firms to provide competent assistance even beyond the business’s operating hours or across different countries. 24/7 availability lays the groundwork for successful and exceptional customer service, as well as driving customer loyalty and satisfaction.

5. Niche-Focused Content

The majority of businesses send marketing materials in bulk. The sheer volume of promotional content that needs to be distributed makes it a challenge to determine whether a prospect is interested in the information or not, even if they are segmented according to specific interests.

AI collects data on the factors that constitute a customer's preferences, such as their browsing or buying patterns, previously read articles, on-page interaction, and their average time spent browsing your website. The algorithm then analyzes this data to assist businesses in creating or recommending pieces of content that are specifically tailored to their existing followers and prospects.

6. Reduce Burnout

Compared to human operators, AI is practically unstoppable. This technology is not sedentary. Artificial intelligence can learn faster than humans, making it useful for long-term stability.

At the same time, this does not imply that AI should be used to replace people. Rather, with the help of artificial intelligence in boosting customer experience, organizations can ensure that they get the most out of their human operators. In other words, it reduces instances of burnout and stress among in-house staff.

Augment Customer Experience with Human and AI

It is essential to have a consistent platform that allows you to know and understand your clients, their preferences and standards, and even how they browse your online storefront or blog. Artificial intelligence can be your bread and butter in terms of increasing engagement and improving overall customer satisfaction.

Be careful though, because relying solely on AI will not be sufficient if you want your firm to flourish continuously. No technology can compete with humans' comprehension and empathy. Rather than debating whether AI should replace people in the workplace, it is best to emphasize the benefits of humans and AI collaborating to get the most out of your initiatives to build bridges with customers and keep them satisfied.

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