Why Content Moderation is Important to Your Business


August 27, 2022

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Eman Rieza

The new generation of customers has become increasingly discerning when it comes to showing support for a brand. User-generated content is a crucial contributor to this shift. 

The vast majority of modern customers have become keener in placing significant weight on the opinions and experiences of others. In fact, user-generated content has evolved into an indispensable tool for boosting both customer loyalty and awareness of a business. It is highly beneficial in influencing customer decisions, particularly when a firm is trying to enhance conversion rates, which is one of the goals that it typically serves to accomplish.

Sadly, the capacity to post anything on the internet has also paved a way for hostile online users to display their harmful agendas, which can represent substantial dangers on how prospective buyers perceive your business.

How will businesses ensure that their brand is properly represented and that their customers are protected from defamatory and offensive content?

Here is when content moderation comes into play.

By establishing a competent content moderation system, companies can encourage their followers or end-users to post and share content without the need to worry about damaging their brand reputation or compromising the safety of their customers. In addition, it lessens the likelihood that customers and website visitors will encounter any offensive or dangerous content posted by other individuals.

If you haven't already set up a moderating system on any of your web platforms, this blog is for you. Here, we’ll discuss the importance of having a trustworthy content moderation system. In addition, if you intend to hire a crew of content moderators, this blog aims to guide you on gauging how much content moderation costs.

Why is Content Moderation Important?

Content moderation comes with several advantages and we have singled down five of the main reasons why content moderation is necessary for every business.

1. Content Moderation is Your Online Protection

The ability to shield your online presence from user-generated content that could be harmful is one of the most inherent benefits of content moderation. Images, videos, articles, and posts made on various social media platforms are just a few of the many forms of content that are abundant on the internet. Indeed, it is unavoidable to receive user-generated content submissions that violate company-imposed guidelines. However, by employing a team of well-trained content moderators, the presence of unpleasant and disturbing content created by internet trolls and bullies will considerably decrease.

Their responsibility is to enforce any rules or guidelines that have been established to ensure that users do not overstep their boundaries with the types of content they upload and share. As a result, it establishes a more constructive atmosphere in which users are free to interact openly without the concern that they would be subjected to unfavorable online social behavior. The progressive improvement in the safety of each member of the community contributes to the credibility of the company.

2. Helps Monitor User Behavior

Content moderation is the key to understanding and gaining insights into users’ buying behavior along with their opinions on a particular trend, content, or product. It is especially true for businesses that usually release high volumes of promotional campaigns. Recognizing behavioral patterns and responses of target audiences when presented with company-related content is highly instrumental in devising strategies for customer acquisition. Knowing which type of content engages user interest enables businesses to foster an online community that influences the decision-making of potential buyers and makes them lean more strongly towards an actual purchase.

Also, a content moderation strategy helps businesses scale campaigns easily. User-generated content is an essential component in creating sales-driving marketing campaigns. Conducting online contests, crowdsourcing, and displaying customer stories will significantly be easier with an efficient moderation team in place. A reliable and professional content moderator will ensure that your business can scale its campaigns while keeping possible threats of defaming and inappropriate user content under control.

3. Boosts Website Traffic and Conversion Rates

Aside from protecting users from malicious and harmful content, the effect of regulating audience content on increasing traffic and conversion rates is also a concrete example of content moderation benefit. User-generated content is highly essential for websites and social media platforms.

An example of this is a user’s product review posted on a business’s website. At first, a single positive review may seem like a fragment of good news for the business. Collectively, good reviews increase the trust of customers and they can also work as a propelling factor for higher conversion rates. Additionally, a well-moderated website promotes higher convenience and satisfaction among site visitors and customers.

The better the experience people have on a business’ website or social media page, the higher the probability that they will readily and consistently leave favorable feedback. The increasing number of user-generated content eventually magnetizes more traffic, and more traffic means an increased engagement rate. 

The more people are engaged by a business’ content, the more search engines will view the brand as something relevant to specific customer demands and needs. Soon enough, the dramatic improvement in traffic and engagement will turn potential leads into paying customers.

4. Enhances Brand Visibility

UGCs are among the primary components that fuel the competence of businesses; hence, maximizing them must be one of your top priorities. However, you must use them sparingly. Make sure that such UGCs don’t harm your online reputation.

How can you guarantee that UGC will favor your business? You’ve guessed it right! Employ content moderation. By having a moderation team on guard, you can allow users to post as much content as they can. In doing so, you guarantee that you gain high-quality traffic on your online platforms and greatly improve your brand visibility. A substantial increase in traffic and higher brand visibility means more customer engagement. Ultimately, higher engagement leads to more conversion.

5. Improves Customer Rapport on Social Media

The practice of moderation can be implemented on a broad range of online platforms, notably social media websites which now serve as gathering places for ideal customers. Your brand can be projected as a well-known, engaging, and user-friendly firm with the help of a meticulously monitored and managed social media page.

It is highly likely that you will be able to create improved customer interactions and increase the trustworthiness of your brand if you have a moderating crew that will respond to user comments and work to discredit false remarks about your business and protect your followers from inappropriate user comments.

How Much Does Content Moderation Cost?

The cost of content moderation varies depending on the firm and the type of moderation used. Some businesses charge customers on a contractual basis.

Depending on the type of moderation service, the standard cost to moderate web content ranges between $400 to $600. For example, video moderation costs between $0.05 and $1.00 per minute. Text moderation services can cost between $60 and $70, depending on the character threshold.

Also, several moderation firms provide AI-powered moderation and hybrid moderation services for $500 to $600. Pricing for moderation services with multilingual functionality will vary as well.

Moderation: Here and Now

Content moderation acts not only as a protective barrier for businesses and users against internet trolls and inappropriate content. It is also a cost-effective resource that enables businesses to maintain a reputable image on the internet, meet dynamic customer demands and expectations, and lastly, understand customers’ behavior to help increase conversion rate. Moderating content helps keep the business afloat and thrive amid the unpredictable nature of industry trends and user demands.


Tomorrow is not promised. Your business might be faring quite well today, but a single tweet, Instagram story, or a Facebook page with unauthorized use of your brand’s name could overturn all the progress that you have worked so hard to achieve.

Now is the time to stop asking questions such as, ‘Why is moderation important?’, “Should I hire moderators?” or “Is moderating UGC essential for my business?”. Instead, it would help if you get started using the benefits of moderation in sustaining and expanding your business. Keeping a watchful eye on what people have to say about your services, what trends and discussions affect them the most, and where specific issues and misunderstandings typically arise between you and your audience is the best way to stay relevant.

If you don’t have in-house content moderators or are seeking budget-friendly ways to incorporate moderation strategies in your roadmap for success, you can always outsource to our team.

New Media Services is a bespoke company specializing in human and AI-powered content moderation services for all types of UGCs. At competitive rates, we can handle different online platforms, business websites, social platforms, and applications.

Gain access to the numerous benefits of content moderation outsourcing. 

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