3 Reasons of Content Moderation Importance

Written by | April 24, 2020

The present is a new era of marketing and audience acquisition. Several people globally now have easy access to the internet, making it a must for every company to understand the importance of content moderation.

User-generated content has become one of the most powerful tools in raising brand recognition and customer trust. It is highly instrumental in influencing the decision-making of customers, especially when they are shopping online.

However, the utilization of user-generated content comes with major risks in terms of how it can influence the users’ perspective of the brand. When moderated properly, it diminishes the probability of customers’ and site visitors’ exposure to offensive and harmful content submitted by other users.

How will businesses ensure that their brand is being portrayed accordingly and ensure that their customers are safe from defaming and offensive content?

One of the core solutions for this is the use of content moderation. By implementing a solid content moderation system, businesses can encourage the creation and publishing of user posts  without worrying about harmful content that can compromise the reputation of their brand as well as the safety of their customers.

Content moderation comes with many advantages and below are 3 main reasons why it is crucial for every business.

Why is content moderation important?


The internet is constantly filled with different content, including images, videos, articles, tweets, and Facebook posts. The risk of receiving user-generated content submission that violates posting guidelines is unavoidable. However, if a team of well-trained content moderators is employed by businesses, the existence of offensive and upsetting content caused by internet trolls and bullies will be reduced. Their role is to implement every rule or guideline set to ensure users do not overstep their boundaries with the types of content that they post and share. Consequently, it results in a more positive environment where users can interact freely without the risk of exposure to unacceptable online social behavior. Increased safety of each community member eventually raises the business’ credibility.


For businesses that usually release high volumes of promotional campaigns, content moderation is the key to understand and gain insights of users’ buying behavior along with their opinions on a particular trend, content, or product. Recognizing behavioral patterns and responses of target audiences when presented with company-related content is highly instrumental in devising strategies for customer acquisition. Knowing what type of content engages user interest enables businesses to foster an online community that influences the decision-making of potential buyers and make it lean more strongly towards an actual purchase.

Also, a content moderation strategy helps businesses scale campaigns easily. User-generated content is an essential component in creating sales-driving marketing campaigns. Conducting online contests, crowdsourcing, and displaying customer stories will significantly be easier with an efficient moderation team in place. A reliable and professional content moderator will ensure that the business can scale their business campaigns while keeping possible threats of defaming and negative user content under control.


Aside from protecting users from malicious and harmful content, the effect of regulating audience content on increasing traffic and conversion rates is also a concrete example of why moderation is important. User-generated content is highly essential for websites and social media platforms.

An example of this is a user’s product review posted on a business’s website. At first, a single positive review may seem like a fragment of good news for the business. Collectively, good reviews increase the trust of customers and it can also work as a propelling factor for higher conversion rates. Additionally, a well-moderated website promotes higher convenience and satisfaction among site visitors and customers.

The better the experience people have on a business’ website or social media page, the higher the probability that they will readily and consistently leave favorable feedback. The increasing number of user-generated content eventually magnetizes more traffic, and more traffic means increased engagement rate. The more people are engaged by a business’ content, the more search engines will view the brand as something relevant to specific customer demands and needs. Soon enough, the dramatic improvement in traffic and engagement will turn potential leads into paying customers.


Content moderation not only acts as a protective barrier for businesses and users against internet trolls and inappropriate content. It is also a cost-effective practice that enables businesses to maintain a reputable image on the internet, meet the dynamic customer demands and expectations, and lastly, understand customers’ behavior in order to increase conversion rate. Moderating content helps keep the business afloat and thrive amid the unpredictable nature of industry trends and user demands.


Tomorrow is not promised. Your business might be faring quite well today, but a single tweet, Instagram story, or a Facebook page with unauthorized use of your brand’s name could overturn all the progress that you have worked so hard to achieve.

Now is the time to stop asking questions such as, Why is moderation important?, “Should I hire moderators?” or “Is moderating UGC essential for my business?”. Instead, it would help if you get started using the benefits of moderation in sustaining and expanding your business. Keeping a watchful eye on what people have to say about your services, what trends and discussions affect them the most, and where specific issues and misunderstandings typically arise between you and your audience is the best way to stay relevant.

If you don’t have in-house content moderators or are seeking budget-friendly ways to incorporate moderation strategies in your roadmap for success, you can always outsource. New Media Services is a bespoke company specializing in human and AI-powered moderations services for all types of user content. At practical rates, we can handle different online platforms, business websites, social platforms, and applications.