Call Center Team Structure: What is the Best?


June 2, 2022

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Merlene Leano

One of the objectives of a call support team is to keep a careful eye on customer satisfaction. Since customer satisfaction leads to higher revenue, a well-enhanced call center structure is paramount, it is safe to conclude that they are crucial to the long-term viability of reputable businesses.

Research, strategy, technology, and monitoring aren't all you need to establish the best call center team structure. You will require your staff’s active participation, the right tools, as well as the right mix of  management skills.

This post will tackle how a call center organizational structure affects the company's overall reputation in providing excellent customer service, along with some tips in establishing the most ideal and feasible call center structure.

Call Center Team Structure

Each member of an organizational call center structure benefits from clearly understanding one another's roles and responsibilities. They aid in the distribution of work and minimize disputes and confusion by facilitating the division of labor and efficiency. Having a hierarchy of job roles helps to encourage areas of ownership and decision-making.

You need to consider the following factors:

Type of Service

Typically, an inbound call center is a customer service center that takes calls from customers with problems or queries. In some instances, the company might need to employ more agents

On the other hand, an outbound contact center is the one that calls new prospects and existing clients. They entice contacts to avail the company’s services, upgrade their subscription or even offer exclusive promotions. 

Call support agents with relevant sales experience are the perfect fit for an outbound contact center. It would also be highly beneficial for the team if the agents are trained in customer relationship management.

In-house or Outsource

Choosing between hiring in-house or outsourcing will impact your call center team structure.


In some cases, firms often outsource these functions to organizations specializing in these areas. They find it more convenient to reassign these responsibilities than build their own contact center team and spend the time and money necessary to train agents. Quite frankly, outsourcing your contact center may save you money since you don't have to pay for anything else except for their services.

With in-house call center agents, confidential information is kept secure within your company. Call center agents have the unspoken responsibility of protecting confidential information and maintaining company secrets. When you keep your agents on-site, you reduce the danger of data leakage.

In terms of maximizing manpower even with a limited budget, outsourcing will help you get started with the right footing. You will also gain access to candidates with more extensive experience along with communication tools that allow you to improve your relationship with new and existing customers.

Company size

The basic call structure of your operations directly will be influenced by the size of your company and target market. The more customers a company has, the more challenges there will be.

There is also the need to upgrade resources. A comprehensive strategy to personalize service will inevitably be expected especially when addressing a broader range of customer concerns. 

How call center services can help small businesses?

They can help you to save time so that you can improve productivity and increase profit.

Weighing the advantages and disadvantages of working with outsourcing companies compared to building an internal team is an absolute must for you to determine how you will establish a solid work structure for your team.

Scope of Service

Customer needs and expectations dictate and shape the kind of assistance that a call center delivers.

When it comes to measuring your contact center with a combination of different strategies, always consider (1) your overall market size and (2) the total number of consumers in each plan.

5 Management Tips for Call Centers Team

Getting the right call center personnel in place isn't the end of the process. For success, you must manage them very carefully. Contact center executives are responsible for ensuring that the company's customer service objectives are met via the proper management of the call center's operations.

Here are some pointers for running a successful call center.

Train and Orient Your Agents

As a call center manager, you must first find the ideal call center agents. Once you find them, provide them with sufficient training.

When it comes to customer service, training is vital for both new and tenured employees. By adopting best practices in contact center training, the objective of increasing customer satisfaction becomes even attainable.

The lack of training leads to a loss in motivation and engagement on the part of your call support agents. Customer attrition, financial troubles, and a tarnished image may all result from poor customer service.

There should be ongoing training and mentoring with significant focus on self-assessment and performance rating. Training agents to reach the contact center management best practices you have in mind is a constant process.

Clear Hierarchy Is Essential

When organizing your customer support staff, you must have a clear hierarchy.

A culture of accountability is fostered by establishing a clear chain of command that elaborates who is in-charge at each level. Firm executives must be in place to build and maintain a clear-cut vision, make decisions, and ensure that agents do their part to support that goal.

In a contact center system, appointing numerous team leaders and supervisors effectively identifies who makes the call. There needs to be an acceptable ratio of agents to team leader or manager. For instance, in an eight-person team, one leader and one manager should suffice.

Avoid duplicating management responsibilities while establishing a hierarchy. It will leave your managers confused and competing over their responsibilities, instead of cooperating and striking a balance with their job roles. 

Internal Communication Is The Key

Communication can improve collaboration and increase productivity in the workplace. 

Internal communication may be improved through effective staff communication. If the management and the contact center employees are on the same page, excellent communication is maintained.

During meetings with individual agents, managers should promote personalized communication and process development recommendations. Be mindful of the fact that contact center workers are on the front lines of the operation and frequently have a clearer picture of what's going on. Pay attention to what your agents have to say in terms of how they adjust with work and include them in decision-making.

Use Quality Assurance Systems

To provide a more uniform client experience, quality assurance (QA) is often utilized in call centers and contact centers. It's better to have a QA system in place rather than relying on a single person's expertise.  This will assist in determining which abilities, both soft and hard, need improvement.

A well-functioning QA process may help you discover and fix any problems in your processes before they become full-blown problems.

Use an Omnichannel Approach

Marketers, salespeople, and customer service professionals must rethink how they communicate with customers in light of the ongoing move to digital techniques.


The client's journey starts on one channel and ends on another. It encompasses the business’ website, social media page, email, mobile, and other chat applications. All these channels leave a lasting impact on  customer experience. Hence, an omnichannel approach is essential.

There are several options for outsourcing contact center services, but finding the right partner is essential. This is where New Media Services comes in. Omnichannel customer care from NMS is changing how digital customer assistance is delivered. Whether you're looking for multilingual assistance or phone answering services, we've got you covered.

The Best Organizational Structure for a Call Center Team

All of a company's stakeholders, from the top executives to the newest interns, must work together in harmony for a contact center to be successful.

Managing agents are essential since contact centers rely on them to provide outstanding customer care in every interaction. If your agents aren't executing their job effectively, you might lose your patrons, tarnish your reputation, and lose money. For this reason, the ideal call structure for customer service must be properly created to deliver excellent customer service.

To have a successful call center, you need patient, dedicated, and well-equipped people. Expecting perfection right from the very beginning is not ideal. It is better to focus on what aspects need improvement on your operations first. Continue expounding your agents' service or product and service knowledge.

In a typical contact center, you'll have a team of experts capable of handling phone calls, reaching out to new leads, and providing the best possible customer care. Similarly, you must never forget that each contact center's organizational structure is unique. Both outsourcing and establishing a team inside are feasible solutions when it comes to this situation.

Creating an efficient customer care call structure is easy with NMS solutions. With the ability to manage email and live chat assistance in addition to your call center's incoming and outgoing voice calls, NMS makes the best contact center outsourcing partner. 

Let us know if you have any queries or concerns at all!

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