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July 6, 2021

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Stephanie Walker

Managing help desks, whether the front or back-office operations is one of the most taxing experiences you would have as a start-up or well-established business. Not to mention, everything is now online, even more so since the pandemic started. If your business is not online, you are at a higher risk of failing to gain back the revenue you invested. 

That is exactly why you need helping hands ready to assist you 24/7 without delay and curated to your everyday business needs.

Virtual assistants are here to rescue you from stress and business happenings. They are possibly one of your most powerful assets due to the quality and versatility they bring to your business. Hiring VAs as your curated helpers allows you to focus on many of your various processes that need tending to. You will become more productive than ever as well as become the best version that you envision your company to be.

Your brand expands around the globe, reaches a wider customer market, and as well as finds the right audience for your content. You also get to cut back on labor costs, get the quality of service, and see progress in days to weeks.

But have you thought about working with a Virtual Assistant (VA) company?

Why You Should Consider to Work with Virtual Assistants Company

Companies that use virtual assistants thrive in the partnership because of the mutual benefits they both receive. From paid quality service to brand building, virtual assistants got you covered. Here are some of the many reasons why you should think about working with a VA company.

Quick Access to VAs — When you choose to collaborate with a VA company, you are allowing the seamless hiring of outsourced assistants. You do not have to create advertisements online that cost more than you are willing to spend. The VA company itself handles the selection process for your niche-trained virtual assistant.

Professionals At Work — Aside from quick access to VAs, you would be working with agents who have been in the field for years and have honed their skills to best suit the industry they have been designated to assist. They know the inner workings of your niche and are well-versed with techniques and strategies that best fit your line of work to better serve your customers. For instance, you can hire digital marketing experts with diverse experience in the key fields involved in promoting businesses online, including content writing, search engine optimization, and the use of social media platforms.

Flexible Time Management — Each workday consists of 9 hours. You have to manage the specific time spent in each of your administrative tasks to make every minute count. There is a tendency for a small in-house team or a company on the budget to fit in all of their core objectives and projects within a single, uniform, and limited time frame. Outsourcing tasks to a virtual assistant company allows you the liberty of choosing which tasks the agents are going to fulfill. There is also flexible control in terms of work hours, thereby expanding what can be accomplished in a given day or week.

Tangible Results — Most virtual assistants are contractual. You see results in months and when you are happy with the results, you may hire them again for another contract. There is no need for long-term commitments and it is easy to propose a new working arrangement or project with them.

Increased Work Efficiency — Since you have outsourced tasks to agents from VA companies, you can make time for addressing any concerns or improvements needed in your in-house team. Tasks are then readjusted and individual performance is given more focus. Your in-house staff has less stress on their shoulders too; thus, allowing them to be more productive and get work done in the allotted hours and strict deadlines that you have set.

With these in mind, here are 10 Virtual Assistant Companies you may want to look into.

Top Virtual Assistant Companies

Behind every great business are reputable virtual assistant companies. Get to know these 10 companies and take your pick on who you want to collaborate with for the growth of your business.


Are you a starting company or business? They are the best choice for you. With an affordable rate that does not go over $50, you get administrative, bookkeeping, web support, and social media support for your business. They ensure to curate and provide you with experts who would assist in your company's growth.

2. New Media Services

NMS is great for both start-up and established companies. Their agents provide you with booking and verification, data entry, document management, call management, executive assistant tasks, client relations and communications, transcription, and social media management. They are also experts in multilingual customer support, escalations, live chat, email support tickets, and content moderation.

They have reasonable prices for curated VA services that will surely benefit your growing company or business. NMS is best suited for your social media marketing scheme and you could see progress in just a few months.

3. MyTasker

As the third on this list of virtual assistant companies, MyTasker caters to individual entrepreneurs in their business growth. They focus on providing content writing, web research, telemarketing, and more. MyTasker is best suited for your digital marketing because it is paired with SEO services. Their service is great for monthly contracts and it is significantly dependent on how much you want to save.

4. Prialto

This company thrives on working with executives. While their rates are in the more expensive bracket, you get quality services along with people who are adaptable to your preferences in the company. Prialto provides you with a team rather than an agent to provide you with coaching, process optimization, and backup PA. They also give you a total of 55 hours a month, depending on your needs.

Agents here can handle high-value tasks because of the training and proactive culture that the company provides for them.

5. OkayRelax

Compared to the companies above, OkayRelax is a task-based assistant that works daily rather than monthly. Compared to MyTasker, OkayRelax serves individuals based on three plans: Starters, Professionals, and Executives. They do research and administrative tasks for you at a budget-friendly price range.

6. Time Etc

One of the oldest existing virtual assistant companies, Time Etc is an all-in-one assistant that focuses solely on aiding entrepreneurs in their goals. Agents are paid per hour to do writing tasks, sales, administrative tasks, lead research, and marketing paired with social media management. They also offer a free trial to help you decide if you want to continue partnering with them or not.

7. Boldly

Our seventh entry for top-rated virtual assistant companies focuses more on project management. Just like in NMS, the agents here are multilingual and can create logos and marketing strategies just for you. They also support you with content writing and editing paired with customer care services. Boldly also allows you to track your time and tasks for better performance and team management.

8. Uassist.ME

Aside from New Media Services and Boldly, Uassist.ME is a bilingual service that assists in a wide range of niches. They have 3 categories for their plan that consists of virtual assistance, industry solutions, and design and development. The price is quite high and is intended for large businesses requiring a huge workforce to work full time.

9. WoodBows

Do you need a full-time or a part-time workforce to back you up? WoodBows is the choice for you. They offer contractual virtual assistance that comes from the US, Philippines, and India. They are the best fit for businesses whose goal is to effectively scale it. Aside from the usual skills you would look for in a virtual assistant, they also have software and app developers along with trained experts in the real estate industry.

10. Fancy Hands

Need help for more short-term tasks? Here is Fancy Hands, the last of the top virtual assistant companies on this list. For as little as 20 minutes, they can work on small projects and tasks. You are also in-charge of the delegation of tasks you want per month. You have 4 packages to choose from to finish your specific tasks. Basically, their goal is to help gradually grow your company with the little steps you take every day.

That concludes this comprehensive checklist of trusted VA companies in the market. You may have noticed that the majority of these companies are similar to each other, but they all are capable of working for whichever goal you have for your company or venture.

Your One-Stop Company for Virtual Assistants

Countless virtual assistant partners exist around the globe to cater to your everyday business needs. These are the 10 best virtual assistant companies that will surely improve the scalability and productivity of your business. To narrow down your choices, choose New Media Services for virtual assistance.

Our agents are online 24/7 to accomplish your delegated tasks and adapt to your preferences. They handle administrative work while also augmenting your front and back offices. Experience seamless transactions that benefit both your in-house team and your avid customers. Best of all we combine human with AI capacities, thus increasing your brand’s success.

Collaborate with a virtual assistant company today and watch as more opportunities unfold before your business.

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