5 Awesome Tips to Create a Perfect Product Demo Video


February 28, 2020

Written by

Eman Rieza

A recent report stated that 73% of consumers buy a product after watching a demo video of the product. 

This only proves that providing brochures, online marketing, and traditional commercials is not enough to penetrate the decisions of buyers. However, in most cases, providing a product demo video can be tough especially when there is not enough knowledge to kickstart it. Moreover, with so many brands thronging for buyers in the business sphere, battling out against them and standing out can also be difficult.

However, experts have come up with many ideas to help businesses create their own product demo videos with some quick and easy steps. Here are some excellent tips to achieve a killer product video that can help a business keep up with the ever-changing demands of global consumers.

⦁ Take time to brainstorm

⦁ Set the camera with the right settings

⦁ Make the most out of lighting

⦁ Showcase the product

⦁ Nail the editing


It is true that producing a product demo video can be hard. It requires a significant amount of time and effort in order for individuals to produce one.

There are several factors to be taken into consideration when brainstorming on how to start creating videos but the most important factor is the LOCATION.

Ever heard of mise en scène

mise en scène is a popular expression, especially in theatres and film productions that describe the arrangement aspects of scenery and how it conveys its story.

There are various aspects that prove location is a vital part in creating a video and these are as follows:

⦁ It costs nothing

⦁ It makes the video look professional

⦁ It "subconsciously" conveys the story of the product.

Focusing on your mise en scène is important as it can heavily affect the entirety of the video. It is essential to come up with ideas that convey the message of the video as thoroughly as possible.

Also, taking a little bit of extra effort and time thinking about what goes into the frames will affect the quality of the final video.


The camera is the bread and butter in order to create a conversion-driving demo video. However, without the right tweaks with the settings, they can give individuals a hard time. This is especially true to some people with minimal knowledge about cameras and video production.

Here are some tips to get better quality footage:


Generally, white balance (WB) is the process of sifting out all unrealistic color casts in order for objects that appear white in person to look white in the photo.

Thankfully, with constant development cameras now have different features that allow users to switch between auto and manual mode. When in auto mode, the camera will try to set the WB automatically whenever it is required, whereas, in manual mode, the user can easily tweak the WB setting to suit the scene best.

As simple as it seems, without the proper set up of WB, it can make a huge difference to the quality of the video as it helps to improve the vividness of all colors.


ISO is known for the camera's sensitivity to light. It is used for brightening up shots. However, the higher the ISO is, the grainer the shot will be. That is why lowering it to a certain notch will do the trick.


It is important to note that the lower the shutter speed compared to the camera's frame rate, the blurrier the shot will be. Although some photographers and filmmakers do this on purpose to have more creative effects, it is not advisable for videos that aim to provide a clear shot of a certain product.


Using soft lighting is a great way to produce product shots that are way more attractive than usual.

Dispersing and softening the light around the shot by using fluorescent lightboxes can help achieve this. With so many features that the internet has to offer, finding one of these lightboxes can be very easy.

Remember to continuously play with the lighting and see what works best for the product.

Take a look at this example:

If the business is offering beauty products, then the lighting should be bright and fresh as it delivers a cleaner image for the items.

Bear in mind that lighting completely alters the story that the video wants to convey to its audience.

One more thing to note is that when tweaking with the lighting, it is important not to overexpose the product video. Over exposing video shots can end up into extremely bright shots that compromise the details of each frame.

Avoid this from happening by moving the lights or by changing the settings of the camera. When shooting outdoors, be sure to shoot under a shade or during an overcast day in order to achieve an even nicer soft light filming.


When filming a demo video, it is important to successfully deliver all the information related to the product. Product demo video focuses on a particular product, however, just taking different shots is not enough to make the video effective or interesting.

Just like a television commercial, the product demo should aim to provide all the details that the item features, such as its functionalities and how it can solve the pain points of the consumers.

Try to make a variety of movements in the shot in order to bring the product to life. This will allow the audience to know all the specific features of the product.

There are a lot of ways to add movement to the shots. With a mere zoom in and out of the shot, it renders the video to pop out. 

It is vital not to forget to show all the things that the product can do. Be it in the form of subtitles, captions, voice-overs or a combination of the three. This is the part where individuals need to be creative. The list is never-ending!


Editing comes last, it is important to have a variety of footage to choose from as this can help pinpoint what shots are necessary and what are not.

This does not mean to minimize the selling part. This should be pushed. This is the video's aim after all.

Sifting out the valuable clips and arranging them in an orderly manner with the right placements of other elements like background music and graphic design is a step that should not be overlooked. It doesn't have to be fancy, as long as the video can effectively deliver an enticing and educational message.

Creating a DIY product demo video can be really daunting at first glance. But with proper decision making, brainstorming, and settings, producing one can be one of the secret weapons of a brand's success. With the aforementioned ways, you are gearing yourself up to stand out among the crowd of competitors.

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