5 Amazing Tips for Managing an Offshore Team


March 27, 2020

Written by

Eman Rieza

Offshoring has been an integral part of many businesses across the globe. Working with an offshore team can be a viable option for several reasons. For small companies, contractors are the most applicable choice for them to work with. Due to the limited manpower that small companies have, some projects tend to take more time to complete. Additionally, the availability of individuals with the right skills can be difficult to find nowadays. There is a growing trend where some skilled and experienced professionals opt to work as freelancers. Freelancing is more flexible in terms of working hours and payment terms. According to UpWork and Freelancers Union, it is expected that US-based workers will be comprised mostly of freelancers by the time we reach the year 2027. 

With this in mind, it should be instinctive for small enterprises to start planning on how to expand their services and operations by hiring an offshore team.

With so many benefits that freelancers or offshore staff can potentially offer, it is undeniable that offshore teams have helped develop countless businesses in many different ways. This is especially true for businesses that have a minimal number of in-house manpower.

However, as promising as it looks, offshoring will not be as effective in equipping business for success when handled incorrectly. At the same time, while working with an offshore team can bring tons of advantages, it also comes with its own challenges.

For business owners who are looking for ways to effectively form and manage their offshore team, the Biztattler team offers our own share of pro-tips on how to effectively manage a remote workforce. With over 12 years of experience in the offshoring industry, we have gained the necessary know-hows in order to survive and reap favorable results while working in such a unique setup.


For starters, it is important to distinguish the needs of the company. By successfully determining all the areas that need more focus and effort, choosing the right sets of skills will help make the entire hiring process go more seamlessly. It is also important to take note that working with an offshore team means working in an environment with an expanded pool of talent. Focus on what the business lacks in terms of efficiency and flexibility and use that to determine which skills will be highly beneficial for the company in the long run.


It is important to gain a good understanding of what the offshore team is capable of. Their resumes may bear outstanding work experiences or they may sound convincingly good during the initial interview, but that doesn’t automatically make them the best fit for the job. The defining moment takes place once offshore agents begin working on a particular project and expectations for their deliverables are clearly defined. That is to say, performance-based assessments help identify each offshore employee’s strengths and weaknesses. This is also a great way to gauge their professionalism and flexibility.

It is best to always prepare for a list of test tasks in order for employers to define the level of skills required to work on a particular project. Employing the most competent and suitable offshore personnel may take a lot of time, effort, and money, but it all becomes worth it once the business is able to form and work with a team capable of accomplishing the necessary tasks.


One of the most important and amazing contributions of the internet is it provides a seamless way of communication between companies and employees collaborating in a remote setting. Generally, practicing good communication between employees whether in-house or remote is important for the continuous growth of the business.

That being said, it is important to develop a good communication environment between the employers and their employees. With so many communication tools available online, working with a remote team has become undeniably easier.

Good communication enables businesses to understand all employees on both a formal and informal level. It bridges gaps and promotes an understanding of everyone's ideas, opinions, and beliefs. There may be cultural differences and contrasting time zones, but both can usually be resolved with the help of a reliable communication channel. Effective and consistent communication make challenges that constrain the business’ growth easier to overcome. Also, seamless communication helps reduce misunderstandings between employers and employees.


After successfully picking the team with the right skills and setting up a reliable communication line, businesses must also give importance to honing the knowledge and capabilities that each member of the offshore team possesses.

Even the best employees still need space to learn and grow. Providing the needed support for the offshore team’s growth can be done by implementing training sessions every once in a while or as deemed necessary by what the industry demands. In addition to this, it is also advisable to assign the team with challenging tasks that provide opportunities to grow. Don’t hesitate to push them outside of their comfort zones and help them reach a higher level of understanding their knowledge and skills.

Although training can eat up a significant amount of time that is intended for business development, a company with well-trained employees will lead to higher productivity.


Some employees tend to forget the importance of fun and relaxation the moment they begin working on a greater number of tasks. Once employees begin to neglect their own well-being, it often leads to poor performance and compromised productivity.

Businesses employing an offshore team would usually visit the team’s location for inspections and other work-related purposes only. In truth, offshore visits can also be used as an opportunity to improve relations between the business and the team. Use this as a chance to conduct activities that can strengthen the bond between the employers and their staff.

Team building activities can be in the form of outdoor retreats, sports fests, and other exercises that will promote relaxation and teamwork.

Always find a way to arrange a time where business owners can meet their offshore team to interact informally. There is scientific proof that engaging in socially positive activities helps motivate employees to work harder. Also, taking part in these activities make employees feel special and worthy. Employees are the backbone of every business, after all.

Working with an offshore team can help achieve the company's goal and vision. By applying the tips enumerated above, even small businesses will be able to manage their own lineup offshore employees as efficiently as needed.

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