A Chat-based help desk for all your customer care needs.
Improve your customer service experience by providing on-demand instant messaging for faster and more effective consumer support.
Live IM Chat Support can be a useful tool in engaging website visitors for assistance in website navigation, pre and post sales inquiries, billing support, error reporting, trouble shooting and product promotions.


  • Customizable chat system to adapt to your service support needs with added security benefits
  • Real time updates and reporting that can be personalized according to your convenience
  • Exceptional support representatives round the clock


Provide the best service for your end-users through our Voice-Over-IP help desk.
Our well-trained customer service representatives are available to handle all incoming billing inquiries, product and service FAQ’s, pre and post- sales customer care plus outgoing call requirements to encourage customer retention and resolve service concerns.


  • Covers both Inbound and Outbound Voice Support
  • Flexible service that can be tailored to meet specific demands
  • Toll Free Number acquisition support
  • Real-time updates, including service quality metrics
  • Customizable call reporting system
  • Round-the-clock Voice Support Representative Availability
  • Handled by highly-experienced and specifically trained operators
  • Quick response and handling of calls


Expand customer care options providing end-user support through email
Our email response specialists care for your business by providing assistance through email to address your end-user concerns.


  • Designed for Inbound and Outbound Email Support
  • Provides extended system security to safeguard both business and end-user
  • Real time updates and reporting that can be personalized according to your convenience
  • Email address acquisition support
  • Exceptional support representatives round the clock
  • Quick handling and email response


Advanced, Timely and Professional Assistance.
Escalation Management features prompt handling of customer concerns and supervisor-required calls. Our Tier 2 representatives practice wise, tactful and direct handling of difficult callers, frustrated customers as well as various escalated issues.


  • Covers both Inbound and Outbound Voice and Email Escalations
  • Sophisticated issue tracking and real-time reporting scheme
  • Managed by specifically-trained Tier 2 representatives who are experts in handling high-stress end-user interactions


A trusted support ticket system that seamlessly routes messages, correspondence and inquiries generated via email into an easy-to-use customer support platform that delivers effective email management and administrative functions that aim to improve service.


  • Easy integration
  • Can accommodate multiple accounts
  • 24/7 availability and online support
  • Reporting and real-time updates
  • Handled by specifically trained manpower
  • Guarantees high security


Review and verify requisitions diligently through a reliable and well-structured order verification process that allows your business to manage purchases or requests for authenticity and legibility.


  • Highly secured verification system
  • Can manage multiple tickets
  • 24/7 service availability for convenience


The all in one Return-Payment Processing Solution.
Refund Transfer Solutions effectively deliver rebates or refunds to your end-users through preferred payment options.


  • Worldwide coverage
  • Multi-Currency Global Payment Solutions
  • Your own Choice of Payment
  • Express payment Delivery
  • Cost Effective