We Manage Communications and
Content of Consumers

through SMS, IM, Email and Voice Solutions using our cloud based LOOP Platforms,

“Your Back Office is Our Front Office”

Our Services

Our flexible services are being used as cost-effective solutions to handle customer and organizational communications.
See what we have to offer from our reliable voice and messaging solutions, real-time content moderation, to our intuitive design and development.

24/7 live operators handling all your mobile and web messaging needs   Powered by our…
Support services aimed at helping out end-users in a sincere and professional manner. Fast and…
WEB DESIGN AND APP DEVELOPMENT Get visually fluid and functional designs, reliable and stable systems…
Smart Moderation for all your website content. NMS Moderation Services employ Live Operators to review…
Increase your website visibility and ranking with SEO and Content Services that aims to maximize…
Ready-to-integrate and Customizable platforms to perform simple to complex functions for your service needs. LOOP…


Let us help you by providing any and all of your business needs!


Martin Eyking
Chief Executive Officer
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Ian Jason De La Cruz
Sales Manager
SKYPE: delacruz.ian
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Our wide-coverage ensures that we can strategize, customize and develop services and products to suit any proposed campaigns.