October 6, 2015

Wrong Data Compromise the Company

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No doubt, no disagreement – data is the core of the business.

Data is a point of reference for a company to do every action needed to be done. It gives a concrete report for identifying the status of the business and studying the factors that affect the result. It leads a direction to reach the goals, or solve a problem, just in case there is any. Also, it is a solid concept to consider in the making of strategies.

When it comes to purchases and requests, this is vital. So customer services spend a good deal of effort in order verification.

Names, addresses, dates, amount, time and such fragments of information are important for doing business transactions. These are indicators and pieces of evidence for transparent dealings and accountability between/among involved parties.

To avoid fatal mishaps that could possibly lead to a company’s slump, it is necessary to employ two important process: verification and validation.

Verification is the process of ensuring that data are accurate and error-free. On the other hand, validation is the checking if entries are coherent and legitimate.

As for customer service offices, order verification can be done in two ways. Data are checked manually or through the use of automated tools. However, the method to use must be the combination of manual and automation. Human verification is more reliable than automation, but it has to be supported digitally as there is still a percentage of human error.

Many things could cause this mistake that will result to confusion and disorganization of inputs. It could be of a technical nature, like noises in the medium during the calls or malfunction of the tools. It could be physiological or psychological, like an agent taking the call is confounded with personal problems or the customer who’s calling has difficulty in pronunciation.

In line to it, human error is the main reason why orders and data must be verified. Forgetting to double-or triple-check data entries will reflect that the company is not worth the trust. Wrong pieces of information can create arguments with the customer, which is ironic for Customer Support. Sales may be affected by the discrepancies and the results of the errors.

Therefore, it must be treated with great caution.It is as fragile as a glass and any present crack even at its smallest size will wipe out the image and functionality. Extending the use of metaphor, data is also a bomb; when it falls, it explodes to its destruction.

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