October 14, 2015

Winning Calls

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There is no point in denying that the celebrities in this World ruled by competition are the people. They are the consumers who will purchase, spread the word, and contribute to the growth of the company. Even those people who are not actually consumers are also treated important, as supported by the process of transforming them into loyal customers. Companies always look at people for conversion and retention, and that is what makes them celebrities. This goal is achieved, not only with persuasion and selling, but also with customer service.

  • It serves as the mirror of the company and what are being offered. That overused saying about the first impressions runs to be flawlessly valued. People, whether having an expertise or not, are naturally critics and their words may either uplift a brand, or worse, destroy it. A company cannot stop a person from jumping into conclusion that a small failure represents the entirety. When a customer experienced a poorly handled call, even just once, it will build an impression that the services and products are not worth the shot.
  • It is the most direct means of marketing. Ads, online content, visual presentations are just few among the promotional strategies, but a call between the agent and customer is efficient for marketing. The exchange of thoughts and information is real-time where a good interaction can build loyalty among customers, or to regain them from wanting to end their subscription.
  • It connects the company and the consumer into a long-term relationship. As mentioned, business is always about people. Give the people the highest quality of offers and they will stay. Give them the special treatment consistently before, after, during their purchase (and even if they don’t pay their patronage), and they will give their loyalty in return. Being able to build a relationship with the consumer means that the company provides satisfaction.

However, it is not that easy to satisfy people, and customer service is a department filled with all sorts of buzz and complaints. And what agents feared most are the irate callers who are difficult to handle. Customer service aims to satisfy customers, but they are hard to please, and so operators with great skill and composure. How crucial it is can be shown through the following reasons:

  • They don’t like to wait. In this fast-paced world, there is no room for delays. Every business-minded person knows the value of time, and what it costs for any setback. Technology caused this kind of lifestyle, and it is expected that it will work to almost everything. People called to customer support to get an immediate solution, and not to prolong their problems.
  • They are easily influenced. There are so many ways to share knowledge and information such as the social media, electronics, and even the word of mouth. The customer’s assessment, whether good or bad, can easily reach a wider range of audience, and it is natural that people will consult first on reviews before trying.
  • They value the first direct encounter. The concept of ‘first impression’ enters again here. Their firsthand experience will either determine the assessment which they can share to others or be a confirmation of what they heard from others.
  • They can switch to other companies anytime. Competition is not unusual, as said earlier, and companies with customer service must expect that people will find an alternative option just to get their satisfaction if these companies failed to do so.
  • They have a variety of choices. This is the reason why people will certainly find other options. The world is wide, and many companies can offer the same convenience.
  • They prefer live operators. Some companies use interactive Voice Response (IVR) which allows computer to interact with callers using voice and DMTF tones in keypad. But the automation doesn’t have the versatility of humans that they find it not so efficient.

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