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Last updated on July 30, 2020

Why Social Media Marketing is Important for Your Business

Social media marketing for business is crucial

Social media has drastically changed how businesses operate in today’s industry. It became an integral part of every business’s strategic approach. A recent statistics report from Statista stated that about 3.08 billion people are now using social media and it is expected to increase and reach a staggering 3.43 billion in 2023. With more and more people joining social media every day, the social media industry shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. Based on these numbers alone, businesses—whether it is a small local shop or a well-established company—should take this as an advantage to leverage their success and devise more efficient and effective strategic approaches for raising brand awareness, boosting acquisition rate, and increasing leads and sales.

Social media is broad, and it is the job of business owners to maximize the extent of their brand’s online presence in the best way possible. Also, social media serves as the hotspot for most of today’s trends. It can also be considered as the “new hangout” for modern-day customers and potential leads, considering the amount of time they each spend on social media platforms. That said, using social media will enable businesses to engage and connect with their target audience on different levels and make digital marketing even easier. 

That said, here are 5 reasons why social media is a crucial component of business success.


Social media is a great source of leads and sales. Basically, if people are unaware of a particular business, then they can’t become customers.

Using social media, however, will enable businesses to boost their brand’s visibility and allow them to engage and reach their target audience with ease.

A word of caution though—being socially present is not wrong. But stretching the brand’s presence too thin just to prove that the business is socially active can easily compromise the efficiency and effectiveness of every post. The only thing that must be remembered when using social media as a strategic approach to building awareness is to have concrete and concise content. Determine the different kinds of content that the business needs to post and promote on every platform. Find out what social media platforms are best for the nature of the business.


With the ever-growing trends on the internet, customers are becoming increasingly stringent when it comes to supporting a certain brand. They tend to find background information from social media to see what kind of brand they are bound to follow and support.

Thankfully, social media can be used to set the right first impressions. Social media allows businesses to showcase their brand through text-based content and even visually alluring elements such as images and product demo videos. Social media spoon-feeds business owners with features that allow them to show off all of the things that are unique about their brand.

A well-written and timely content, along with a consistently updated profile demonstrates brand authority. It shows that the brand is trustworthy, credible, and ensures that the brand is consistently set up to generate a positive and lasting impact on customers.


Digital marketing through social media is not all about selling the brand or product. Rather, it is all about adhering to the business’s vision. It is all about how businesses represent their brand in the most striking and memorable way possible. Social media allows businesses to voice out what kind of company they are and what sets them apart from competitors.

Incorporating the right mix and match of different elements such as tone and attitude on every social media post renders the business to look and sound authentic. 


Social media is one of the best channels where businesses can easily walk the talk. Social media is all about socializing and connecting with people after all.

With so many features that enable users to stay connected 24/7, businesses can easily boost their engagement rates. But to reinforce this, businesses can always think outside-the-box in devising new and non-generic content.

For example, businesses can engage or if not, attract potential clients through Instagram stories and videos. Businesses can post a series of different behind-the-scenes footages. Facebook can also be maximized by posting different content that showcases the brand internally. Businesses should let the people know who and what they are with these posts. In time, businesses will be able to penetrate their target audience and eventually gain more followers and subscribers that can soon become paying customers.


Social media has strengthened the connection between businesses and customers. By breaking down communication barriers, customers can easily reach out to the business when they have concerns or queries regarding a service or product.

Social media communication features allow businesses to have a more direct connection with their customers; enabling them to trace customer pain points for easy resolution. It also allows them to gain constructive feedback from customers.

With social media as the main medium of communication, a business can easily develop an image of a caring, approachable, supportive, and reputable brand. 


Social media plays a vital role in the digital marketing approach of every business. It is imperative to maximize all its features to make it as effective as ever. If used correctly, social media can be a secret weapon that businesses can use not only to surpass competitors but also to make a long-lasting and sales-driving impression on both existing and potential customers. 

Social media may look like it is built only for leisure. The truth is, incorporating it to a business’s strategic approach is key to help big and small brands thrive and survive in the cutthroat market.