November 23, 2015

Who Doesn’t Exist Can Actually Harm You

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This is pretty obvious fact that the internet is a storage and display of all kinds of content. You can find articles that will inspire you, music that will make you cry, and movies that you can get over with. It includes those that are actually craps. Examples of these useless and inappropriate contents are awful pictures of accident scenes, sensual video clips of teenagers, or status posts of racial hate.

However, the content is not the only factor placed in the spotlight of being called a “waste”. It could be transferred to those who actually give the content in social media: profiles. These crappy profiles do not really have a value but should not be ignored because they can stir up troubles that can possibly put your lives in danger, especially if they are fake.

Fake profiles are undeniably scattered in the social media, particularly on social networking sites and dating sites. According to Statistic Brain Research Institute as of this writing, there are 81,000,000 fake profiles present on Facebook. On dating sites, a host of false accounts is a major complaint.

There are man reasons why these counterfeits are created. Some are intended for entertainment, security while engaging on social activism, and pleasure of duplicating or impersonating and account – which are not harmful on a particular level. Others are meant to abuse and damage, and these are extremely disturbing.

These are used for cyber crimes such as identity theft, spamming, and scamming. Not only that they can create chaos, they can give long-lasting despair because there is a difficulty in tracing who is the real person using the fictitious accounts. Actually, there are many people who have a hard time identifying whether this profile is legit or not.

In your business, fake profiles can be a serious threat. Without thorough monitoring of fake profiles, you are actually slipping in people who can destroy the good image of your company. Frauds have a lot of techniques you can’t even think are possible.

So, just like the web content being subjected to moderation. It is also necessary to have an analysis of the accounts created in your website or online community. Verifying the authenticity and, consequently, eliminating the suspicious profiles are two big steps to avoid potential problems. This is to save the company from embarrassment, being so cautious with every factor in doing a business.

There is an old saying that talking with strangers has dangers; but to the online world, strangers who have vague identification are what you should watch out. They are sneaky, wicked foxes.

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