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Last updated on April 8, 2021

Web Design 2018: Judging a Book by it’s Cover

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Visuals are an integral part of businesses that aim to attract clients or customers. The written content, products/services and branding of a business requires web design. An idea can come within a split-second or developed over time. But any idea is only as good as how well it can be presented. Studies on preferences, test groups, several QA sessions and even more revisions are often necessary to get everything just right. And though this may advocate judging a book by its cover, the reality is that with so many sources of stimuli all around a viewer, it’s easy to get distracted.
That’s why so much money is invested on how to best present specific content – to keep the target audience interested in the main content. Without a great design that catches the attention of the viewer, many ideas or offers presented online will suffer greatly from the lack of interest.
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Web Design and Content
For every great idea, should come an even greater design. Text content in itself cannot guarantee success just as a design with all the bells and whistles thrown in will only work if it compliments the actual text.
For the purpose of this discussion, let’s refer to “content” in a broad sense; front end content like text, images, video and/or audio plus back end content like the metadata required for SEO. “Web Design” in this discussion will be color schemes, layout, compatibility and navigation.
Content has been the reigning king of the internet for the simple fact that people have an inborn curiosity that refuses to be satisfied (and is easily distracted). That’s how a person starts off researching on free web templates online to suddenly learning about skeuomorphism only to find himself watching videos of nematodes coming out of spiders and praying mantises (or researching on what the plural of “mantis” really is – mantes??).
Web design, and in fact all designs, compliment content mainly by making sure a person’s curiosity (or potential customer/user) does not end up losing to distraction. A great design aims to create a sense of focus and presence that minimizes a site’s bounce rate.
middle ground balance

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Finding Middle Ground
Web design and content should work fluidly together in what can be called the “perfect form”; the end result does not overload the senses nor underwhelm the viewer. It’s all about finding the middle ground which at times would mean sacrificing some design elements in favor of the content and vice versa.
The middle ground of course has its limits, there are some features and elements that cannot be sacrificed or overlooked like ease of navigation, SEO compliance, responsive design and cross-browser compatibility. This is a matter of effective content and functional web design.
content and design cycle

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Web Design
Pictures paint a thousand words, hence, a great web design can deliver a message without flooding a website with too much text. A few sentences partnered with great visuals is much more appealing than a generic image with paragraphs upon paragraphs of written content.
Images and designs are efficient and effective. Too much text is in fact, tiring and time-consuming. A good designer and an adept writer is a winning combination for almost every business target.
All-in-all, creating the perfect form is a mix of balanced content and design with full consideration of user/consumer preferences.
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