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Last updated on July 28, 2020

How to Design a Business Website that Attracts Millenials

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Studies have shown that millennials have been determined as the leading driving force behind online shopping. In line with this, millennials also have preferences when making a purchase online, one example is that they do not like pop-up advertising.
Visuals are one of most important factor in grabbing their attention, another factor is that they will repeatedly visit a website that has reasonable prices and offer good shipping rates. They are also active on writing a review once they have claimed their discounts, rewards and privileges.
Furthermore, since millennials are tech savvy and have grown up with digital media world, they are now the main target audience for many digital marketing campaigns. It is essential to engage with millennials for brand awareness, customer acquisition and retention.
In this case, inclining your web design around their characteristics, engagement impulses, digital trends and purchase choices will greatly benefit your campaigns.

Here are some characteristics you need to know about Millennials:

  • They value great experiences over products and services – 73% go for these over material goods.
  • They are also inclined with business, the fact is 46% of Mellennials are interested in starting a business.
  • Millennials are passionate about what they do, 40% of them believe that they can make an impact globally.
  • According to Microsoft study their attention span can only last for eight seconds. This clearly shows that Millennials have very short attention spans.
  • 25%-40% of Millennials shop more than the average consumer.

Explore the key points companies should keep in mind when designing for millennials and how they can affect your digital marketing strategy.

1. Optimize your Site for Mobile Devices

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68% of Millennials prefer to use their mobile phones in almost everything, surfing, talking, tweeting and shopping. In short, mobile phone is the new laptop for Millennials.
Companies who are making their sites mobile-friendly are doing themselves a big favor for the reason that 80% of millennials own a smart phone, which shows a wide range of market potential. Here are some tips on designing a mobile-friendly website:

  • Make it user friendly. Remember that Millennials have a short attention span so if they experience complicated navigation on your site, they are more likely to leave.
  • Incorporate swipe-friendly and tap friendly content
  • Coherent content. Instead of making two sites with different content, keep them the same to avoid confusion.
  • Ensure that your site loads quickly. According to kissmetrics, users expect an average load time of two seconds or less.

2. Make Use of Videos

80% of millennials find video content helpful, especially on making a purchase decisions. Some famous brands make use of short videos to describe their products.
Most consumers that watch brands videos to get a realistic view of the product, as a matter of fact viewers are likely to watch an information-intensive video twice. Below are some tips for making short videos for your products.

  • Make is precise. Making the video too long will bore your audiences, so just highlight the main features of your products.
  • Design with brightly colored clips and apply motion where appropriate.

3. Integrate Self-service Options

Having self-service options in your website helps your company develop a positive opinion among users, as we all know millennials are used to solving problems with technology instead of calling live customer service representatives.
Statistics also shows that 90% of customers expect a self service option when it comes to seeking help with a product and service.
Millennials are all about instant solutions to their problems, and that is because of the prevalence of technology. They do not have patience to be on hold for five minutes or more and explaining their problem to three different people to get an answer.
Your website design should have a comprehensive support page with how-to’s, video demos, and other interesting content that would enhance their overall user experience.
FAQ pages and a forum can also be included depending on the products or services you offer.

4. Customized and Personalized your Offers

Given that millennials have a short attention span, they are not into disruptive and intrusive ads. Most millennials will install ad blocking extensions in Chrome Browser or on Youtube to block the ads altogether.
This is because some ads are just plainly disturbing especially from user content experience, the pop up and banner ads are now becoming old.
Making your ads personalized and customized should always be something that speaks to them not at them. Studies have shown that millennials will always go with a personalized and customized offer from service providers.
Here are some pointers:

  • 80% of millennials always seeks for the best price.
  • Their attention sticks with creative and visible ads that don’t cause distraction.
  • They value engagement and conversation with brands, this can be achieved by utilizing content data in a correct way.

Your company should also analyze your users search and purchase history, such as the kind of videos they watch or the type of content they frequently share.
In this case, your brand would better come out with suitable content for your target audience. Finding ways to appeal with your consumers on a personal level will build loyalty and trust in your brand despite the raise of known distrustful corporations.

5. Ensure Great user Experience

Great user experience is now a differentiator between competitors especially in the field of technology and website design.
As a matter of fact, most users are willing to pay more for the products and services if they are assured of great user experience, in contrast, one of the main reason people shift to a competitor is because of bad user experience.
In an age where everything is accessible and greater choices arise, millennials on the other hand have higher expectations from service providers. If your site is can’t function to their desired level— there are over thousands of sites out there where they can find the information that they need.
Some famous retailers are taking advantage of the internet and technology to catch the attention of millennials. Starbucks for instance created an app that attracts younger audience with an interactive functionality features.
At this point, 11% of their in-store transactions happen via a mobile device. Like Starbucks design your site or app that is easy to re-engage with, giving them just enough and not overloading them.
Millennials love it when they have the privilege to:

  • Pay and make other transactions with their devices like mobile phones.
  • Obtain gift cards.
  • Earn reward points.
  • Easy payment processing.
  • Find the nearest branch around their area.

Make sure to provide Millennials with delightful user experience and make your site or app easy to use and functional to reap the benefits it will provide to your business.
It may seem like millennials are hard to please, however the key to better understand them is think that they are looking for reliable connections. If they are your target audiences build a supportive relationship with them.
When redesigning your website make sure that it is efficient, easy to navigate and simple. Doing so will help your company build brand trustworthiness and a resilient website design.

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