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Last updated on April 8, 2021

Typography 101: How To Set-up a Perfect Tone for Your Brand

Typography text overlap with branding text

When creating a website for your business, functionality and design go hand-in-hand. The ease of navigation and relevantly pleasing visuals both play a part in overall presentation. You are using this platform to reach out to a wider audience, to more potential customers, therefore you should make sure that your website is inviting and will make them want to acquire your services.
The over-all look of your website isn’t limited to the colors and images used. The way the content is strategically structured into your page is important as well. How the text looks in your site, what font you use, how it looks against your background, and its readability play a fundamental role in making an impact to your brand’s target audience. Site visitors can either take the time to read the content or click the back button depending on the impression left by the page’s overall look.
Typography functions as both an art form and a marketing strategy because of how it can represent what different industries showcase and appeal to countless end-users of different taste with just the way the text looks. In fact, this article on Font Psychology explains just how different fonts influence minds as a singular and whole concept.
If you prefer to outsource the creation of the design of your website, you should have a clear message that you want your site to present. Web design services take in consideration what your business represents. Are you professional? Are you fun? Is your product for kids? For adults? Do you want to appeal to men more than women? All these can be reflected in the typography on your web design.

Typography format

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Your content may be well written and full of vital information but it would be a waste if it is not structured well because they will not want to stay and read it. So here are a couple of tips to create better typography for your website:

  • Create Hierarchy
    Structure the design of your text based on the importance of the content.
  • Play with Size
    Use different sizes to make it easier for your text to be read and to show the hierarchy as well.
  • Fewer Fonts, the Better
    Limit your font options. As much as it might be fun to use a different typeface for every paragraph, it will mess with your reader. Stick to only one or two fonts of the same type. You may, however, play with thickness to show hierarchy.
  • Limit Your Characters
    Readability is highly important. It is best to stay under 60 characters per line to maintain it. If you would like web design services to make your website responsive to any type of gadget, keep the character count per line under 50.

letter G font format

(Image Courtesy of Pixabay)


Different web design services often use what’s hot on the typography scene to appeal to more customers. This year, there are quite a few that have changed from last year.

  • Custom Fonts
    Creating fonts exclusive to your brand to make it your signature is still very popular. It gives your website more personality.
  • Going Retro
    More web design services are leaning towards 1970s-style serif fonts. It’s classic, familiar, and readable. It’s been quite a trend for a while that doesn’t seem to be going away for a while.
  • More Color
    Instead of sticking to the usual black or white fonts, today’s typography trends is leaning more on playing with colors to present a brand’s personality better.

Through typography, you create more personality for your business and make your content more inviting. Use it wisely.
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