April 12, 2013

Twitter Alert: To Stay or Not to Stay

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Twitter has proven to be a battlefield where people can easily throw out whims and fits. It has taken cyber brawls to a whole new level.. This then leads to this question: Should Twitter stick around or be banned?

As a matter of fact, this platform has undoubtedly become very popular, and to band it might trigger an uproar from its users. Let’s look at some ideas on why Twitter should stay.

1. Twitter Should Matter To You

This service is extremely helpful to someone who’s so fired up in getting involved in a conversation. It has become an important customer service tool in today’s fast-paced social media environment. One topic can lead to a series of tweets. For instance, someone tweeted about a new product. Less than two hours later, the product’s image could be tarnished or pushed for, depending on what customers tweet. So to ignore these tweets is as good as “a tree that fell in the forest, yet nobody heard it”.

2. Getting Feedback Is A Breeze

Of course, this could be a good thing and a bad one. Twitter has been both the boon and bane for users. The fact that a lot of Twitter wars are going on is the best way to exemplify how this could be the bane of someone’s existence. Yet Twitter can also be a good method to dig up comments and suggestions for, say, a product line described as a “sinking ship”. In order to salvage whatever left of its standing, the company can gather comments about the product and use them to enhance or improve it.

3. It’s The Ultimate Micro blogging Express

Millions of registered users generate millions of tweets every day. Twitter can be accessed through the Internet. And as technology has it, one can do so through their mobile phones. Twitter applications are available for download, bringing the service closer to the people.

Be it good or bad, Twitter has definitely impacted and changed the world as we know it.


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