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Last updated on December 21, 2020

The Essential Features of a Powerful Business Logo Design

Creating Company Logo design

A good logo is very significant for recognizable branding that represents a business. Having a logo design that serves the purpose of effective representation, provides a quick connection between company and customers. It’s usually the first thing customers see and quite often the main thing they remember when thinking about brands.
A well designed logo enhances brand-identification and makes it easier for customers distinguish a business in a sea of competitors.
Logos provide direct or even imaginative ways of introducing a brand, from color schemes, design flow, uniqueness, to audience impression. It is essential to know the importance and power it provides to your company.

1. A Good Logo Reveals your Business Identity

Business man showing a blank calling card

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Logos serve as the visual representation of your brand. A summation of who you are or what you offer. Your logo design should visually express your brand’s values and principles. Much like Nike Inc’s swoosh logo for example. It visibly communicate activity, flow and energy; Apple Inc. logo effectively represents their company’s uniqueness made visibly through their products to name a few.
It helps to have your logo prominent on websites, newsletters, calling cards, ad campaigns and more. This visibility establishes a solid connection between the logo and the company behind it.

2. A Good Logo Attracts New Customers

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Most people are drawn to interesting design and color of a certain brand or a storefront. The logo that represents your products and services should be designed to incite and stir the curiosity of your potential customers. This curiosity encourages them to at least take a look, potentially browse through your offers and hopefully become a customer to acquire your services or purchase your product.
Logos are capable of offering artistic appeal and pleasure to customers. For example, Foragers Table restaurant, which offers a farm to table cuisine, invites customers into their establishment through their logo that visualizes organic style.
Making your logo aesthetically pleasing and equally functional helps people experience a positive impact in terms of remembering a brand.

3. A Good Logo Distinguishes your Brand from Competitors

Different company logo place on a bar counter

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There are some certain symbols that represent a particular industry or product. Other brands use a combination of their business name with a unique visual symbol, such as Arm and Hammer’s flexed muscle arm with rolled sleeve. Other drops the brand name and simply relies on a visual logo like Apple’s bitten apple logo or Mozilla Firefox’s stylized fox. A good logo shows people what your business is all about, it should also distinguish your brand from everybody else.
Research shows that separate visual symbols used as logos are more effective than brand names that are trying to create a sense of emotional connection with consumers. This may not come as a big surprise, because symbols have been considered to be more effective than words as a mode of communication. Symbols overcome language barriers and are easier to interpret than words.  But despite its advantages, few companies are taking advantage of separate visual symbol. Logo designs with separate visual symbols thus largely represent an untapped opportunity in reaching out to consumers.

4. A Good Logo Facilitates Customer Loyalty

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Some companies do change their brand logo from time to time, perhaps to update their look or follow some corporate change. For marketers this would be a great idea but consumers would hate it. When a customer is accustomed to their favorite brand logo and they suddenly change it, they would feel a little betrayed. They now need to retain their brain to look for something new. Brand loyalty is something every business needs develop over time. A recognizable and familiar logo design offers an important strategic advantage toward building brand loyalty and trust. It introduces your business in a creative way, making it more visible and prominent to everyone. Research shows that the positive effects of brand logos on customer commitment and company are stronger when companies extend their brands with the same logos.

5. A Good Logo Extends Brand Exposure

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Your logo can be used on all your marketing, packaging, products, social media and website.  It is a great way to advertise your brand consistently. Whether it’s in the store, in your customer’s homes or online, through the use of your business logo you can maximize the way you advertise your brand.   If you have develop your brand messages and successfully brought it together with your logo, everything you will be doing will be associated with your business brand.
Logo design offers a frequently untapped opportunity for businesses to communicate and symbolize brands bottom line to customers.  Mainly, logos are the most compelling visual synthesizers of a brand that consumers would turn to on a daily basis. It is strongly encouraged for businesses to assess the use of brand logos to help businesses strengthen customers’ commitment, facilitate new brand extensions and maximize business opportunities in the future.
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