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Last updated on March 10, 2021

How Good Web Design Helps Businesses Succeed

If the internet is a large community, then a website is like a personal address or P.O. Box for a business. It is where all the important details related to a particular person or firm will appear. Just like how each house bears specific addresses and distinct designs, each website also has its unique appearance, created by its own team of web designers and developers. It is also backed by different strategies to ensure the brand is able to expand connections within the online community.

A website is commonly used for two reasons: for personal use and for marketing a business. For the latter, the main reason why several business owners create their website is to reach a larger market online. Depending on the target market of a particular company, online visibility is a much faster way to connect with consumers, especially if the business is targeting the younger generation or those belonging to Gen Z. 

Online presence is an effective marketing strategy in today’s technological advancement as people spend a lot of time surfing the net and browsing pages and posts on social media platforms.

Yet, many business owners tend to neglect the proper and effective way of handling a website. Indeed, a website is built with the intention of increasing leads and sales. But apart from that, it also serves as the face of the company and therefore reflects the identity and priorities of a business. 

Put simply, enterprises are encouraged to create a website that produces money and promotes an excellent brand impression. Instead of bombarding website visitors with forms and dozens of pop-ups just to acquire potential clients, businesses can use a more creative strategy. They can do so by impressing customers with a visually enticing, easy-to-navigate and trend-savvy business website. In the long run, impressed and satisfied site visitors have higher chances of converting into paying customers.

The real impact of web design to a business’ success is achieved in two ways: Branding and SEO.

1. Company Identity and Branding

It may not be the actual identity of a company but the first impression of customers lasts. Hence, it is important to establish a website that impresses visitors at first sight. The moment people search for a specific service or product on the internet and land on the company’s website, the business will be judged by what they see on the site. Therefore, the website, as the basis of a potential lead’s first impression about the brand, is also the ‘gateway’ for gaining more customers.

Every company has its own identity that they want to present to the world. It is what sets them apart from their competitors in the industry where they belong. In that sense, building their website should be attuned to their branding strategy if they want to reap greater heights of success.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A big part of search engine optimization is dependent on the content put on a website. Web content contains the keywords that potential customers may input while they browse the internet for specific products, services or brands. A not so well-known technique involves incorporating web design to help and support the SEO of a company’s website.

Content is the soul of any business’s digital marketing strategy. With the help of an updated approach to web designing, it effectively maintains responsiveness while ensuring that the brand remains aptly geared despite the changing trends and preferences in creating websites. 

For example, having a straight single page that is able to handle several content at a time while still exuding a neat and systematic organization of every big and small detail has been found to garner more positive reactions from site visitors. Aside from exhibiting a sleek and continuous design, one-page websites will have more keywords in a single part of the site. 

Additionally, responsive design helps increase the website’s visibility across search engines and device types used by customers to browse the web. Let’s say a potential customer is walking around town while scouring their smartphone for a new restaurant to try in the area. They happen to stumble upon the website of a newly opened diner. As eager as the potential lead may be in discovering what the new resto has to offer, they end up feeling discouraged after learning that the website could not be opened using their smartphone.

It’s the little details such as accessibility in different devices that add up to a business’s credibility and its capacity to engage both new and existing customers through its website.

Take it from the perspective of a Professional Web Designer

For businesses, especially startups and small businesses planning to have their own websites, it is important to seek advice from a professional web designer. Listening to the advice of an experienced web designer helps in the creation of a well-thought-of website that will represent the company. One that will effectively turn potential customers into actual clients.

In an effort to help more businesses turn more potential customers into long-term clients, New Media Services shares some helpful tips from the company’s very own roster of in-house web designers. Among the initial factors that must be considered for business owners who wish to create or improve their own website are:

  • Uniform color schemes
  • Consistent fonts
  • Mobile-friendly design
  • User-friendly navigation
  • Responsiveness

As a takeaway, simplicity must be prioritized over complex website structures. Hiring a web designer is also a must, even though it may cost a little money on the part of the companies. With the presence of a dependable web designer, businesses are more than able to align their digital marketing and branding strategies with the overall layout of their website. A smartly built website guarantees sales and a good impression from customers and site visitors.

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