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Last updated on July 25, 2020

The Importance of Creativity in Web Design

Web design is an essential factor in obtaining good traffic. The dynamic needs of internet users cause changes to the appearance of a website and that is why the trend is most waited and applied for the convenience of all. This trend, however, has brought bad notions to some web designers. It brought them to speak of an outcry: creativity is lost in web designing.
The pieces of content are arranged on a page and each page is layered or linked through coding, the programmer’s language. These elements and processes are evidently difficult which are passionately done for web programmers and designers. It takes a great deal of patience and creativity to finish a website for the consumption of the internet users.
In the past, websites are either filled with various gimmicks or based on a particular theme. They are studded with decorative fonts and many colors, and the interface is truly creative and entertaining. For example, a website has the outer space as the theme. The background would be blue-and-black and filled with stars, rings of dust, and other celestial bodies. There would also be a space shuttle that freely moved around the homepage. Amazing, isn’t it?
Now, the web design is plain boring. It has adopted a format that everyone sees in almost all the websites. Gone are those three-dimensional backgrounds where you could see the depth and shadows. Web sites are transformed into a flat-style design that looked like a posted of an upcoming children’s show. The colors are plain, and the fonts are common. You can see that all major websites have this kind of format. One just looks like a copy of another.
There are many reasons that can be bulleted to explain this change. Although every ingenious idea of how a website would appear is possible with the skills of web designers and programmers, it is not the focus of a website building. With the rise of content marketing, delivering the best content in simple and concise manner is essential.
The web design trend used today, which is previously mentioned as the “flat style”. is inspired by simplicity and convenience. What people want is to find the content with ease and artistic gimmicks are just part of the confusion. Too much entertaining elements of a website will slow down the loading speed of a website, which also affects the patronage of the internet users.
Also, this trend complies with the Google Mobile-Friendly update that requires the websites to be accessible in all types of gadgets. If you’d push for a website that has a lot of entertaining elements, but cannot fully serve the content to satisfy the audience, be ready to get penalized.
Websites are created to provide people the content they need. Thus, the function must be a priority over form. To make a website stand out among these repetitive themes without getting penalized by search engines is making the most out of the creativity of web designers and programmers.

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