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Last updated on August 11, 2020

Mobile and SMS Communications: The Fundamentals of Reaching Out

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With SMS being a highly interactive, indispensable, fast-paced and time-sensitive communication tool for businesses, it remains unmatched in terms of delivery rates while posing lesser competition with other communication tools. There are now several uses for text messaging that business owners are employing to further enhance the efficiency of their services and the satisfaction of their target market.
Even customers highly prefer SMS marketing nowadays because it is more convenient on their part. Let’s say you send them coupons via text or through the use of their phones. This eliminates the tendency of customers losing their coupons or leaving it at home.
Mobile marketing has now grown into a $14 billion industry and is expected to continuously expand in the years to come. A survey conducted by Simmons National Customer Study (NCS) generated statistics that show 91% of millennials spending a typical week exchanging text messages. Through SMS, millennials were given the opportunity to dominate the global marketing audience. Baby boomers, on the other hand, found SMS to have helped them gain better and easier engagement with the services that they want to avail. Generation X is also beginning to emerge as a cluster of individuals with buying behavior patterns that may change the pacing of marketing for several businesses at present. They may challenge business owners, project new and more creative ways to make products appeal to the general public regardless of the generation they are from.

Such drastic development in audience reach just shows that certain strategies and text messaging uses can and should be adapted by business owners in order to maximize how they reach out to the market at large

You need to make your mobile marketing efforts as efficient and well-carried out as possible, otherwise you are bound to reach the wrong audience and drive money down the drain. To avoid that, try adopting the following mobile marketing practices:

  1. QR Codes

QR codes which are not SMS-based, are highly versatile digital barcodes that function as shortcuts for getting valuable information across to both prospects and existing customers. Other capabilities of the QR code for mobile marketing include acting as a Facebook ‘like’ button, sending information to tourists, and offering coupons. In addition, QR codes can help promote your services through integrating it in a variety of print materials, such as event displays, brochures, posters, flyers, and business cards.

  1. In-app Marketing

You can inject your services and messaging use into the current lifestyles of your customers through in-app marketing. Using apps to help deliver more personalized service and encourage higher customer engagement come with a huge competition against bigger, more established brands like Google and Apple. Still, incorporating your apps into your services also means that you are reaching out more to your end-users and are underscoring their need for a more convenient way to connect and avail services they need at the tip of their fingers.

  1. Location-based Marketing

Utilizing strategic locations to send notifications to your customers is another of several text messaging uses that you can adopt. Location-based marketing is also highly efficient as a device for looking up directions and finding store branches across different areas. The notifications you send through location-based marketing aim to offer the business’ products and services in a timely manner that would make the service more useful to the end-users.

  1. Mobile Marketing Measurement

Aside from helping you determine and identify the amount you spend in mobile ads as well as gauge customer engagement you’ve gained, the aim of mobile marketing measurement is to pinpoint certain practices you can implement so you can boost ROI and cater better to your client’s demands through your mobile marketing strategies. By having access to the metrics of customer behavior and user-generated data related to your products and services, you will obtain a clearer idea of how your campaigns are received by your customers. You will easily know and understand certain behavioral shifts in the market while ultimately realizing just how you can make your campaigns and services more efficient and relevant.

  1. Enlisting Your SMS Marketing to Take Part in Benefit Events

Part of the factors that make a business really click and speak to customers on a deeper level is if it has the initiative to give back to the community by supporting programs that spread good cause and help those in need. A great example of this is the emergence of Text Message Donations campaign. This type of campaign was also launched for the victims of Hurricane Harvey. The campaign collected non-profit SMS donations. People were encouraged to text HARVEY to 90999 to donate $10 in support of the relief efforts for the survivors and victims of the devastating hurricane. At the same time, credit cards were not required as donations were simply added to the wireless phone bills of sponsors and volunteers.
SMS donations have already been proven to be very effective. In fact, during the onslaught of Hurricane Sandy, around 20% of all the money raised for the victims by Red Cross were mainly from SMS donations.

  1. Use SMS to Disseminate Viable Information

Always remember that beyond great deals and enticing promotions, your customers will value you more if you continue to show just how relevant your services are in their day-to-day endeavors. Make your services matter and prove that aside from earning profit your business also cares about the well-being of your audience. If you run an e-commerce site, one way you can spread viable information to them via SMS is by offering them real-time updates on the shipping status of their orders when they purchase or order your products online. Another way you can accomplish this is through using SMS to help customers update and secure their account details more easily. Pair your SMS promotions with relevant news on current events related to your services as a way of keeping your customers posted on specific trends that may affect how they can purchase or avail your assistance in the future.

  1. Perfectly Timed Customer Targeting

SMS marketing does not simply work by distributing ads at random. There is a specific art and precision to it. Just recently, several businesses offered huge deals to customers in light of the so-called, Black Friday Sale. Following Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday is considered as the day that commences the Christmas shopping season in the US. During the said sale, SMS marketing enabled business owners to send alerts in advance regarding Black Friday deals offered by their service. They incorporated the use of a simple click-through of a hyperlink so customers can easily purchase items through their mobile devices.
Use the perfect timing to reach out to your target audience. For instance, you can use a signage to let people know how they can reach out to you through SMS or broadcast it on your website. By doing so, you won’t have to intrude into your audience’s day-to-day activities since you have already provided them means on how they can contact you. Are you holding an event for your company? Take this opportunity to use customer competency to your advantage. Distribute your contact number or encourage customer participation through creating short codes which they can send to you via SMS. Short codes are great ways to track how many people have responded to your campaigns. These short codes should be designed to let your audience participate in your promotions or cast their votes, depending on the nature of your promo.

  1. Pair your SMS channels with your existing marketing mediums

SMS effectively boosts the efficiency of your other existing marketing channels. When you pair it with email marketing, you can inform your email recipients through SMS that you have sent them new promotions, newsletters, or important updates. Doing so will certainly lead to an increase in open rates for your email campaigns by at least 20%. It can also help drive additional traffic to your website.
SMS allows you to reach a wider audience—digitally or not. Not all people have smartphones because there are still those who use older models of cell phones to keep in touch. Likewise, not everyone has immediate access to the internet. But, by exploring text messaging uses and their advantages to your business, you can leverage how you market your services, maintain a cooperative relationship with your target audience, and stay relevant amidst the number of competitors and economic changes your business may encounter.

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