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Last updated on April 8, 2021

Why The Audience Plays a Vital Role in Content Marketing

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The main purposes of content writing services are to promote the brand, market services, and educate and engage the audience. Of the three objectives mentioned, keeping the audience informed and engaged is the most crucial part. The audience is the target of whatever content a business publishes. As such, readers have the power to determine a content’s success and effectiveness in promoting a brand or service.
Catching the attention of readers and maintaining their interest throughout the entire length of a written content can be challenging. It is what leads businesses to gain customer trust and loyalty. While there are several talented writers that business owners can employ, not all have fully grasped the techniques needed to deliver the most efficient and topnotch quality of content writing.
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But how can content writing services attain a superior quality that customers would positively respond to?

There are key factors that must be considered when writing for businesses. Factors such as knowing who the target audience is, using simple language, maintaining fluidity and originality in presenting ideas are just among the pointers that every professional content writer should incorporate in all of their work.

  • The target audience determines the success or failure of a written content

The target audience comprises the individuals that a particular business wishes to reach out to. These are the people that consult search engines about the services offered by a business with the intention of learning more about the products, seeking assistance or making a purchase. It is necessary to discover what type of individuals comprise a brand’s audience: What do they do? What kind of lifestyle do they live? What are the most common problems they encounter and how can the business assist them through its services? Different customer populations require a definite set of terminologies, along with a specific tone and style in writing. Knowing who to write for means adjusting the writing style, tone and approach to accommodate the audience’s interest and demands. It likewise helps clarify the main intent for writing a blog, newsletter, landing page content, or any other form of writing for a brand.

  • Google puts high value on original content

Originality in content reflects higher reliability and authority on a brand’s end. It is inevitable for writers to scour the internet for resource but the key is to use the gathered information to enrich the reader’s knowledge. To produce distinctive content does not necessarily mean to write something new all the time. Sometimes,  information can be made one-of-a-kind by injecting one’s opinions and interpretations into an existing topic. Unique and well-written content likewise plays a huge role in search engine ranking. Google is very adamant at checking and organizing every content being made available online. That said, Google constantly monitors whether written content is accessible and useful to the audience or not. The basis for this is usually whether the text can provide information that’s distinct from other existing blogs or websites.
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  • Content writing services work best when technical terminologies are either simplified or used sparingly

Writing poetry and stories is different from writing for businesses. Since content writing services is designed to promote businesses and entice customers, it should be presented in a manner that the readers can relate easily to the details being presented. People flock to the internet to gain information for a reason—it is a quick, hassle-free method of exploring and comparing different products and services. At best, a simple yet concise content works for most types of readers. If, for example, a blog features the processes involved in outsourcing or adding a live chat feature in customer service, then the trick is to simplify the terms to make it easier for the readers to understand. However, if it is inevitable to discuss or mention specific terms involved in the topic, then make it a point to define briefly yet clearly the terms right after it is introduced in the content.

  • Readability scores help reflect writing progress while highlighting pointers for improvement

A readability score allows writers to measure how difficult their written work is for their target readers. Content that’s difficult for readers means it is less likely to be browsed. It may contain too much technical terminologies. It may also mean that the writing style used does not jive well with the intended audience for the content.
Online tools like the Flesch-Kincaid Readability Tool measure a content’s readability by checking the number of words used in a sentence as well as the number of syllables used in each word. Using an equation, Flesch is able to calculate the readability score. The ideal score should range from 60-70, as this implies that the text can easily be grasped by readers aged 13-15 years old. However, readability scores ranging from 0-30 means that much editing needs to be done to boost the content’s impact and make it more relatable to the readers.

  • Fluidity and keen organization of details drive better audience reception

In content marketing, well-organized details will likely be more memorable and entice more customers. Some writers have the tendency to bombard content with too much information all at once that readers become more confused than enlightened. Carefully breaking down each topic in simpler, bite-sized pieces allows readers to absorb the details with ease. Not only that, it provides the writer more space to focus and elaborate subtopics and other related subjects with more clarity.
One of the most basic ways to avoid information overload when writing is through creating a rough draft first. Rough drafts allow writers to rearrange researched data and existing knowledge according to significance. The process likewise helps in modifying the overall content to make it a more efficient source material. Another method that can help make content more organized is through solidly portraying the title, introduction, and body of the text. The title should precisely summarize what the entire blog or content is all about. The introduction must be able to prep the readers and acquaint them with the succeeding information that will further suffice the topic. Finally, the body needs to be well-coordinated with both the title and introduction while it provides additional explanation on the topic being discussed.

  • Images add more value to the content while links and references boost page authority and rankings

Content writing services delivered purely in text is less likely to gauge the readers’ interest. Choosing the right image or type of multimedia to boost a blog or content’s appeal banks greatly on the audience’s visual perception. This is because studies have proven that people tend to process visual cues faster than text. Pairing content with different forms of graphics and multimedia can leave lasting impressions and higher chances of the information being imprinted in the reader’s memory.
Adding links and references will reap additional rewards for a brand’s content writing process. Aside from contributing in showcasing quality content writing, linking to other websites and resources expands professional connections and drives more visitors to read the content. Furthermore, linking out to other resources expands a business’ network and affiliates. The higher the quality of websites linked to a website or a blog, the more likely that it will positively influence traffic and transform a brand into a more creditable source of information.
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Every business has its specific goal for employing content writing services

Writing without knowing what the intent of the content is will only produce incoherent and weak promotional strategies. Whether it’s to engage the audience, entice new customers, or promote products and services, a brand will always have a core objective for employing content writing services. Keeping in mind the business’ main goals when writing substantiates the overall influence of a content. It makes the writing style and approach become more apparent and aligned with a business’ distinct and overall image. Most importantly, writing with the brand’s target in mind will more likely drive customers to get involved in helping a business attain success.
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