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Last updated on July 26, 2020

Why Online Moderation is so Important Today


Business Websites Can Now Get Maximum Security from Trolling
Victoria, Australia, Dec. 1, 2011- New Media Services, a leader in web and mobile business solutions, provides reasons why businesses around the world are thankful for online moderation.
Before the birth of online moderation, business websites were at risk from the effects of trolling. Thus, businesses were afraid the inflammatory and extraneous or off-topic messages can pull their online reputation down. Gratefully, online moderation started to safeguard websites from the damaging activity.
To provide maximum security from trolling, pool of IT specialists from NMS designed an invisible watchdog called PostMaster. PostMaster is easy-to-integrate software that crawls over business sites, social media and forum sites to look for troll messages. The software can delete the messages immediately without involving the troll.
PostMaster also tracks all online marketing methods and gives a comprehensive report that can be a basis for decision-making and for future business activities.
Fortunately, NMS also offers a wide range of moderation services through WWW Moderation. Skilled moderators from WWW Moderation work 24/7 to ensure that all web contents of a business are secured from trolls, hackers and pirates. WWW Moderation specifically performs website moderation, live moderation, chat moderation, picture moderation, video moderation, text moderation, comment moderation, forum moderation, blog moderation, audio moderation, game moderation and sitemapping.
NMS has other business solutions to be grateful for. Email NMS at [email protected] or visit www.newmediaservices.com.au.
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