Social Media Virtual
Assistant Services

Gain global reach. Improve brand awareness. Boost online visibility.
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What Do We Offer?

Social Media Page Creation

Employ a virtual assistant social media manager well-versed in creating blockbuster social media pages. We consistently check that all elements on your social media page are eye-catching and effective in piquing the interest of your target audiences.

Relevant and Target-Focused Posts

We help your company stay relevant through helping you implement on-trend, well-curated, and carefully crafted content. Every social media post counts as we ensure it amplifies your engagements and leaves a lasting impact on your target niche.

Innovative Communication Platform

Our customer service platform is integrated with the most updated and innovative tools powered by both human and artificial intelligence to enhance your organization’s overall efficiency.

Social Media Moderation

We guarantee full protection against harmful user-generated content on all your pages. Through smart content moderation, spam, scams, and inappropriate posts are regularly removed and monitored to reduce the risks and threats to your online credibility.

Mastery of Social Media Platforms

Our social media virtual assistant services cover all social media platforms to help you stay aligned with the latest trends in your respective industry and dramatically improve your engagement across different social networking sites.

We cover the following social media platforms:

*If you want to expand your social media presence further through other platforms, we can work on that as well!

Amplify Your Lead-Driving Strategies with Social Media

Are you ready to gear your business with the best social media virtual assistants in the industry?

Social media is considered a secret weapon for most businesses today, and we understand the value of a consistent presence and relevant content in building your brand online. Through our past collaborations with different businesses and projects, we have developed more stringent qualifications and standards for pooling skills and VAs that suit what our clients need.

When you choose to hire virtual assistant for social media at NMS, the services you receive are not limited to managing page posts and monitoring followers. We go above and beyond by helping you gain a broader perspective of how each platform works and what types of content leave the desired impact on your target audience. We also moderate what people and other brands share about your business across all social media platforms to prevent false information and unsavory comments from tarnishing your reputation.

In short, NMS gears your business with a full-scale advantage over your competitors.

Hire a Virtual Assistant for Social Media Today

There are several reasons why NMS should be your next outsourcing partner for your social media marketing and management needs. The most outstanding of which include:
24/7 Virtual Assistant Services
Collaborating with us means that you are working with the best social media virtual assistant in the market right now. We guarantee that you always stay one step ahead of your competitors by providing round-the-clock VA services.
Real-Time Data Analysis
New Media Services is your go-to place to find virtual social media manager who can handle generating insights for your operations and online brand. They conduct real-time reporting to help you reassess & boost your existing strategies.
Human + Artificial Intelligence
We don’t limit our potential to human operators. We can also integrate artificial intelligence into your social media strategies to help you consistently provide assistance to your clients in areas where human operators are not available.
World-Class Service at Reasonable Rates
It’s all about your success. We adapt to your unique business demands and ensure we connect you with the right set of skills and work experience. Get the highest quality virtual assistant services possible at equitable rates.
Dedicated Virtual Assistants
Our team of expert social media virtual assistants are bound by the spirit of teamwork. In every task you assign, we highlight commitment, instill a positive work relationship, and effectively enhance your operations’ overall productivity.
B2B Outsourcing
Our services are quite versatile. We also support fellow BPOs. If you have clients in need of assistance or additional workforce to manage and boost their social media pages, let us know and we’d be happy to help make arrangements for you.

Find What You Need

We ensure to provide what you need when hiring a virtual assistant for social media.
Take your pick from our list of services:
World-Class Service at
Reasonable Rates
Scheduling and managing posts
Content management
Researching and joining service-related social media groups
Implementing social media marketing strategies and goals
Replying to messages and comments
Page monitoring and reporting
Social Media Moderation
Moderating social media pages/platforms
Checking all types of user-generated content and posts (text, images, videos, audio files, etc.)
Monitoring follower activities
Verifying membership or follower requests in groups
Deleting spam and unauthorized promotions
Reporting and blocking scammers and fake accounts