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Last updated on August 11, 2020

The Most Effective Social Media Practices that Help Boost SEO

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Social media and SEO are two closely interwoven aspects of online marketing. Both of these are centered on inbound organic strategies to naturally attract more visitors.
Given that social media depends on high-quality content for a strong brand presence, the efforts you exert for SEO can surely improve your social media reach and can greatly increase search engine results.
However, many marketers fail to understand and fully grasp the close connection between social media and SEO. Nevertheless, discussing and exploring ways to increase social media attention with your team will help you improve your SEO strategies.

Since SEO is an ever-evolving industry and consistently delineating itself. It is best to incorporate some ways to help you succeed in this highly competitive and unpredictable field.

1. Create a Relevant Content

As mentioned, social media relies on high-quality content, so it is essential to create a content that will address the specific needs of your audience. Assess what kind of content your target audiences are interested in, doing so will make you come up with content that are helpful to them.

Twitter Advanced Search is a tool you can use to search for phrases, words and tags to determine user segments. It will also help making your content easily searchable, make use of Google AdWords Keyword Planner, SEMrush Keyword Research Tool and Google Suggest to get to know the words users use to find specific products and services through search engines.

Aim to make your content organized and easy to digest. Execute appropriate headings, labels, charts, tables and illustrations. In connection, a well-organized content will make your audiences share the information through their social media accounts.

Give them an easy option to share your content through any social media platform. In this way you can easily keep track of your social media shares, so you can boost most shared content to enhance SEO.

2. Grow Your Social Media Followers

The number of social media followers and connections has a high impact on search rankings. For, instance, a company that only has 100 twitter followers would not gain as much rankings compared to big corporations that has million followers on Facebook or Twitter.

However, trying all possible way to instantly increase your social media followers should not be the main goal. Google can now analyze the quality of your followers, choosing to buy 100,000 substitute followers will not make any difference when it comes to your overall rankings and may negatively affect your search engine worthiness. Instead, you should organically build your followers for authentic ranking results.

The process to grow the number of your followers might take a long time, but it is the most effective strategy you can do as long as you’re consistent. Make sure to present your brand with uniqueness and consistency, and making use of the same strategy to give updates to your users on a day to day basis.

Posting useful blogs, helpful guides, open discussions and options to freely ask their questions, through this you can follow up on them and create engaging conversations. Creating engaging conversations with users is a great way to retain customers and build a positive authority for potential followers.

3. Strengthen Eternal Inbound Links

Social media channels are one of the necessary tools in enhancing external links to your site, the more diverse your external links are, the more you will gain authority in Google’s eyes. But to begin with this, you need to have high-quality and authoritative content, without it you’ll have nothing to use to attract links.

Having a quality content is going to attract more people through the use of social media channels. In this case, social media serves as an efficient broadcasting channel for your business. Make use of hashtags to make your content more visible, don’t falter to post your contents into some threads and discussions.

Through applying these simple steps, it would help you improve your social media reputation and reach. But more importantly on maximizing your potential external link authority.

4. Optimize Social Media Posts for Searches

Optimizing social media post for searches helps you target the right audiences through your post, this also relies& on your pre-existing content. In line with this, Google tends to favor popular social media updates on top of SERPs which can help marketers on attaining higher position in search result and boost your SEO campaigns.

Here are some ways you can do to optimize your post:

    • Use strong anchor for your post such as videos, infographics, or a link to a full detailed blog.
    • Create an applicable title in a descriptive manner.
    • When you post a content, make sure to frame your foundation with s specific search optimized text.
    • Make use of seasonal keywords to widen the chances of coming up in search results.


5. Locally Optimizing Posts

Social media provides a great opportunity to engage with local community, sharing location specific information to major search engines will make it show up on local search results as well.

There are some proven ways to do this, get involve in local events and update your online community about your local activities, and you can also interact with other brands through social media to expand your brand awareness.

In any event your company attends, it may be a local festival or a tradeshow, take pictures and post it on your social media channels and invite the local community to like and comment. This will show your participation and engagement with the community, thus making you more visible in local searches.

Interacting with other brands takes a bit of research, do some searches for local establishment and try to engage with them on a regular basis.  Share relevant posts from their site, get involve with their discussions to build up your relationship.

Social media services together with your SEO strategy comes with a basic principle. Keep in mind that providing better experience to your users will make you gain better search rankings.
Analyzing the aspects of these two categories can help you enhance your social media campaigns and that will ultimately give your users better experience, which will also make potential customers discover your website.

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