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Last updated on December 21, 2020

4 Most Common Social Media Messaging Mistakes in 2018

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One of the trends that various companies are starting to adapt recently is the creative use of social media to increase their online presence. Despite it being a great way to connect with more customers, especially the internet generation, there are some activities done online that may be more damaging, than beneficial, to your reputation.
In many cases, companies like to use their social media to reach out to their target market, get to know what they like and what they do not like about the brand. Others, however, take it a step forward and send them private messages promoting their product. This is a prime example of what NOT to do with your brand’s social media account.
Social Media should be used to create a relationship with your customer and encourage them to convert. Messaging them is one thing but bombarding them with promotional messages is a completely different story. It is one of the major mistakes some social media moderation services make. There are actually a lot of social media marketing don’ts that companies’ social media accounts are guilty of doing.

  1. Grabbing Email Addresses to Send Promotional Emails

    When you use social media to exchange messages with your customers, it is not recommendable to grab their email address and send them newsletters, brochures, or other marketing tools without them knowing that you have taken their email address. It is not only annoying but it violates the customer’s privacy. Doing this would definitely hurt your company’s credibility.

  2. Strong-arming or even Begging Customers Instead of Attracting Them

    Desperation is never a good look on any person or any company for that matter. Not only does it make your company seem annoying but it pushes away potential customers and even loyal customers. Avoid directly bothering your customers and instead make your social media page more enticing and approachable.

  3. Messaging People to Buy From You

    Do not send a private message to someone who ‘looks like’ they need your product or service. Don’t tell people who post selfies to use your product to make them look better in photos. Unsolicited advice is never the key to get a person to like you. What if that person had struggled with their self-image for a long time? You have not only insulted the person but made your company look ridiculous as well. They could take a screenshot, post it on their page and you’re done for.

  4. Using Bots

    Technology may be there to make your life easier and automatic but it takes away the human touch in things. Tagging a keyword that would trigger an invitation to buy your product to be sent to the person who posted it might sound like a good idea but it is not as effective as you may think. Most of it gets ignored if the person wasn’t actively searching for your product.

What to do instead

Employing social media moderation could help you minimize creating these mistakes that could harm your credibility. Some of the actions that social media moderation services take in order to properly execute proper marketing through social media messaging include:

  • Responding to inquiries with a more personal approach
  • Looking through the tags of your product, service, or business industry in different social media platforms to see if there are people who are actively looking for what you are offering
  • Improving your social media reputation by creating posts that would invite more customers
  • Clearing your social media of spam and other harmful posts to make it look clean and professional

With the people today being reliant on the internet to help them make decisions, it is highly advised that you keep your reputation clean and good, otherwise, you’ll lose customers before they can even buy from you.
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