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Last updated on June 3, 2021

12 Social Media Manager Skills to Look for in Your Social Media Marketer

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How important is knowing the key skills a social media manager should have to your business?

It has become apparent that having a digital presence on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter alone is not enough to take your business to the next level. Once a social media page is created for your business, what comes next?

Apart from getting your services and products known to a broader demographic, there is also the need to gain followers, create and share content regularly, and maintain a clean reputation at all times.

It is for this reason that almost every company employs digital marketing services, particularly the skills a social media manager needs to secure accurate and effective advertising and customer acquisition.

What Is a Social Media Manager

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It doesn’t take extensive research to understand the definition of a social media manager. They are the people responsible for overseeing your online presence and branding strategy on any social networking platform.

They are well-versed at understanding the difference between the community of Facebook users, from that of Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat.

Social media management pros are the best and most appropriate people to entrust your strategies for targeting the right audience and ensuring the content you post is always aligned with your identity as a business.

What Does a Social Media Manager Do

To elaborate on the crucial role of an SMM expert in leveraging your business, below are the core responsibilities that come with their job description:

  • Content Production — Creating text-based (social media captions, hashtags, blogs) and visual posts (infographics, images with copies, videos) to advertise your brand, services, and products.
  • Follower Engagement — Communicating with followers by replying to comments and direct messages, as well as monitoring audience reactions and which posts from your pages are shared and on what frequency.
  • Social Networking — Joining groups and interacting with brands and individuals from the same niche, industry or line of expertise as yours to strengthen your B2B relations and unlock opportunities for cross-promotions and lasting partnerships.
  • Strategy Implementation & Analysis — Executing and measuring performance statistics of your marketing strategies across social platforms to expand your business reach and significantly increase traffic to your site.
  • UGC Filtering — Implementing guidelines on what posts are allowed and prohibited on your pages and online communities, as well as checking, assessing, and/or deleting user posts on your page based on the context and conformity to the ground rules you have provided.

Companies put importance on social media competencies or skills that involve managing pages and groups or producing promotional content. The success of your business social media services depends on the skills of your social media management team.

Making sure your social media manager has a full range of essential background and skills will certainly help expand your business marketing reach. After all, you will be needing all the extra help you need if your goal is to establish consistency in your presence and reach more followers.

Fortunately, being well-versed in social media encompasses proficiencies and finesse that are trainable or teachable. These different forms of expertise can be your company’s basis for what to look for when hiring a social media manager. The skills are divided into two categories: Hard skills and soft skills.

Key Skills for Social Media Manager (Hard Skills)

1. Online Community Management

Social media is mainly built to socialize. This means that establishing and building online engagement is a treasured attribute. Social media is the top channel people go to for assistance. However, only 21% of businesses use social media for customer service. This shows that there’s a huge opportunity to provide exceptional customer service experience.

Online community management represents the skills for a social media manager to effectively manage your business digitally while fostering customer trust and keeping them interested about what else you have in store for them.  As such, they must slowly convert an audience into a customer by patiently addressing concerns. Maintaining peace among your followers is also a must, hence they need to check that there are no offensive or inappropriate content shared on your pages and groups.

2. Writing and Editing

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In every social media community, content matters. Good writing skills can boost customer engagement, expand your organic reach, and help create an unforgettable brand experience.

Old Spice, All Birds and Taco Bell are few of the brands with a strong social media following. These brands exhibit a distinct writing style that enables them to gain a huge number of followers online.

It would be ideal if your social media manager has honed their writing skills. If not, there are online tools available that can help your team create better content, such as Grammarly for grammar and spelling check, Flesch-Kincaid Readability Test Tool, and Copyscape to check content originality. Creating a brand style guide promotes organized content creation and posting to highlight what your company is all about.

3. Copywriting

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Writing an excellent copy of a certain content is required in many areas of social media management, including social media profile descriptions, composing tweets and generating a catchy and informative Facebook post.

Incorporating a catchy and relevant story into your posts will consequently increase clicks and followers. For better copywriting delivery, try checking whether your SMM staff has done extensive studying of a few copywriting formulas or is willing to expound their background on how they can come up with inspiring brand stories and promotional material that your audience will appreciate. Finding a copywriting formula that works for your social media management can be a great productivity boost.

4. Design (Graphics and Videos)

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Social media mostly involves visuals. Having an eye for design, along with the ability to produce eye-catching and well-thought-of images is an important field of expertise that a social media savvy personnel must have.  Research has found that people remember 65% of a message when paired with a relevant image while those that are purely text-based are only recalled for a mere 10%. Page or group posts with images and even motion-based details such as videos receive more engagement. Around 43% of viewers are compelled to see more content of a similar format in future posts.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that your SMM needs to have a degree in graphic design to produce high-quality visual content for your social marketing plans. There are several ways they can get started developing this skill. For instance, they can check websites that offer free stock photography and designing tools such as Canva. They also have the freedom to explore online software, apps, and tools that help with data visualization, fonts creation, layouting and combining color themes like a professional.

5. Analytics and SEO

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Taking a look at your monthly analytics reports is a surefire way to make sure your social media strategy is on the right track. Doing so will also help segregate what type of posts performed well from those that did not. Whether it’s social media metrics or business metrics, a dependable manager of your pages should be able to understand both types of metrics to provide an overall view of the company’s performance on every social platform.

Apart from understanding, analyzing performance metrics and interpreting it into simplified data is also instrumental. What good is a set of percentages and statistics if you are unable to comprehend how each number affects your target goals and your business in general?

How can you piece together the correlation between traffic to your website and your social networking pages? The capability to convert traffic and conversion data from each of the channels you are using is the secret behind devising more accurate and fool-proof ad strats in the future.

6. Paid Social Basics

social media marketing channel

Understanding the link between organic and paid social searches is one of the most powerful aspects that enable you to boost your digital presence.

In line with this, your SMM should be fearless in testing new ideas and products, and contribute to helping you invest advertising budget on the most suitable and efficient platforms.

Whether you are running a paid ad campaign or are trying to figure out which post will boost, knowing how social media ads directly increase your reach or boost your organic promos is a testament of relevant work experience in the field.

Social Media Manager Soft Skills

Since Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Facebook are used by real people across the globe, it is all the more reason that your resident social media expert should not just be someone proficient in the objective side of online marketing.

Soft skills or social media manager traits also count if you want to be successful in any of your chosen public networking channels.


It is important to have conversational skills and empathy to effectively help your customers and audience on social media. A huge part of being a SMM is to interact with followers from all walks of life. Keeping a conversation about a topic going, making new followers feel welcomed, and maintaining a professional profile when addressing calm and agitated audiences reflect positively on your business’s reputation.


If you think that being a perfectionist is bad, well, it is, in truth, a plus if you have staff overseeing your social pages. Ensuring that no detail, whether big or small, is missed, means you get accurate and complete analytics reports, and that your posts are free from typos, grammatical errors, and even phrases or sentences that could potentially be misinterpreted by your followers.


Timing and consistency can make or break a post. You cannot post content continuously one day, and then pause for a couple of weeks. At the same time, the content on your pages should be carefully curated and well planned out. Otherwise, your page will look like a salad bowl. To be systematic or organized means ensuring that you don’t miss out on any relevant content that needs posting and that your pages are met with constantly relevant and quality content.


What good is a social media manager if they can’t follow—let alone spark discussions and debates—among your followers? As mentioned above, all the social networking sites you know of today will be nothing without constant user interaction. In other words, why limit your branding efforts to merely posting content on your territory alone? Surely, your communities will stay stagnant and you will lose follower interest in no time. Staying on top of trends relevant to what you offer or do, along with maintaining a healthy exchange of ideas and opinions among your target customers is a secret weapon to attaining loyalty and support from the people who follow and like your pages.


As we’ve said, the online community is a highly visual audience to cater to. By having a creative partner in keeping your pages organized, you unlock the chance of generating original concepts and bringing a multitude of bright ideas to life. Your promotions become more specific, while the messages you disseminated to all your followers resonate with your company’s unique identity.


Promoting your company online will inevitably meet obstacles and challenges along the way. An SMM expert is not just someone who can interpret Facebook’s data reports, spot trending hashtags on Twitter and incorporate it in your posts, or design breathtaking and Insta-worthy images for your products and services. They must also be someone who is ready to assess a crisis when they see one, and gauge the most suitable solutions to control it and prevent any further damage on your brand.


These are the skills needed to be a social media manager who is efficient and capable of pushing your business to success. New Media Services outsources social media savviness to SMEs in need of assistance boosting traffic to digital communities. Our resident online social marketing personnel are known for staying on-brand and meeting client expectations. We also operate on flexible working hours, since we have multilingual staff stationed from all over the world. This means you get to target more potential leads internationally without breaking a sweat!

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