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Last updated on April 8, 2021

5 Easy Ways to Use Social Media as a Customer Service Tool

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Most businesses have seen the power of social media. In fact, social media coverage is now a major part of a company’s business strategy. Having an active presence on social media not only showcases your products and services, it also keeps you in-touch with your audience which is a prime way of providing customer service.
The use of social media channels by companies is an effective way to create the image of a brand that is relatable and accessible. In fact, customers believe that they will receive high quality service and prompt response with brands who use social media or social media services.
By providing a more personalized customer support through social media, a brand gains the potential to increase revenue, earn good business reviews and build a good reputation for excellence. This is all through the convenience of using social media.
Below are the ways on how social media can be used as a customer service tool for businesses.

#1: Customer Engagement Tool

Happy customer using customer engagement tool(Image Courtesy of Pexels)
Social media channels are the best way to engage with customers. Huge companies like Nike give importance to how they respond to their customers on their social media platforms. They make sure respond to everyone, every comment, post, and tweet. Their social media services are also works 24/7, and responds to customers in 7 different languages.
Using social media for your business customer service requires a change of mindset.  With social media, the VIP is not the people who have made multiple purchases or the one who spend a lot of money on your brand. The VIP customer is the one who tells thousands of people about your company and shares their overall brand experience.

#2: Post Business Promotions

Social media is meant to be a fun place to interact with customers. You can post promotions and special announcement to boost interaction on your page or channel. This is a pro-active way to quickly disseminate information where customers, fans, and subscribers can potentially see it. The more you post promotions and special announcements on your page, the more customers will get used to looking at your social media platforms to interact and to get important information.

#3: Monitoring Tool

imac displaying social media monitoring tool(Image Courtesy of Pexels)
It is important for companies to understand their customers’ behavior to serve them better. Social media can serve as a monitoring tool which allows businesses to exceed customers’ expectations. Many social media software allow you to set up searches and monitor terms. You could monitor terms for your business name and set it to “social chatter” that is related to your company so you can respond to comments, questions and complaints. Through customers comments, you will be able to figure out what they like and don’t like, which makes you know if your business will move forward with a certain product or not.
Monitoring through the help of social media can help a company offer assistance which can boost sales and quickly address customer concern.

#4: Product Pricing Decisions

Product pricing also plays a big role in customer’s purchase decision. You can use your company’s social media presence to make decisions about your product prices. If you have some customers who focus on a certain product, you can set a survey to know what price point you can be centering on. Once figured out, you can offer discounts and great deals on your best selling products.
If you have come up with your final product prices, you can announce it through your social media channels so they can avail for the products they couldn’t afford before. This would certainly result to customers buying more of your products and spread the word to their friends and family. Thus, will bring in more customers.

#5: Real-time Assistance

"Questions Answers" text on a street sign(Image Courtesy of Pexels)
With social media services, you can quickly respond to customers concerns and queries real-time. If a customer is having trouble with a specific product or wanting to make a purchase, a real-time response can make all the difference in terms of their overall satisfaction.
Allowing users to also send tweets or post on your Facebook page allows your company to publicly assist them which can also be a great way for customers and site visitors to trust your brand.
Offering social media services is a great avenue for building brand awareness and customer engagement. Like many businesses out there, it may be time to incorporate social media not only as a marketing tool but also as a customer support channel.
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