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Last updated on July 28, 2020

Learn All About SMS Xchange: Our Short Message Service


January 2012, Victoria, AU – As Australia-based IT company New Media Services (NMS) recognizes the viability of simplicity and accessibility combined, it is reinforcing one of its most popular services, SMS Xchange, making it bigger, bolder and better than ever.
New Media Services offers SMS Xchange; a Short Message Service feature that combines the global accessibility of SMS, the simplicity of text messaging and the fun of chatting. When you want to satisfy your end users’ social communication needs, SMS Xchange is perfect for you. NMS provides friendly, sociable, and courteous live operators available 24/7.
SMS Xchange takes advantage of the global availability of SMS to deliver a one of a kind chat experience that is fun and addictive. It ensures easy set-up and low resource demands because it works and enhances on pre-existing mobile facilities and features making it a company advantage as well as a prompt, end-user-oriented service.
SMS Xchange involves a send and reply based on an extended conversation is a way of communicating without the need for face-to-face interactions. It addresses the need to be social and at the same time makes it convenient enough not to interrupt with daily activities.
“When it comes to mobile messaging, the lowly SMS is still king of all kings,” Martin Eyking, NMS CEO said. “With SMS infrastructure so well established and customer acceptance levels so high, it will be some years before other mobile bearers start to eat into both the volume and revenue from SMS. There is still very high demand for SMS Xchange because businesses do not discount the wonderful simplicity and effectivity of it.”
New Media Services, headquatered in Victoria, Australia, is in the forefront of bringing real people, who give live interactive support services, catering for both the Web Service and Mobile Support Services industries. NMS provides ultimate resource for all your information and entertainment requirements, backed by a team of dedicated and skilled personnel. They lead in providing global outsourcing services utilizing real people.
For more information, please contact NMS at (+61) (0)3 9016 3480 or at www.newmediaservices.com.au. Their office is located at 4 Dundass Grove, Botanic Ridge, Victoria , 3977 Australia.

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