October 21, 2015

Shedding Some Light On Content Curation

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The web is full of selection processes. That means before a piece of content will appear on the search results for you to click on, each piece goes to a sorting ceremony. If you ca imagine the Harry Potter movies on that particular scene where students were called one by one to be assessed which house they belong to, that is the dramatic analogy for it.

The most crucial and famous sorting of content is known as the moderation. The trouble content in any form, whether it is a blurry video or a well-structured text, is taken with appropriate actions. It can find itself with fixings, blocked like an annoying guest, or erased to oblivion. The actions depend on how harmful the content is.

This selection talks targets the bad side of internet which is given importance by individuals or companies in order to promote peace and welfare.

However, the opposite type of selection process is lesser known. This is not a required stuff as it doesn’t concern national security or anxiety, but it is done by a more skilled person from the choice of a certain institution and persona preference. While moderation is a fast-paced task of choosing what passed the guidelines or not, this other type must be done at a slower pace, though both processes help in maintaining a clean online reputation and a good brand. On the other hand, this type targets the ‘good contents’ to be presented on the web.

It is known as the content curation. This is primarily for gaining popularity and traffic to your sites. You will collect the best contents related to your niche and share them on your platform. It is important that you should be consistent with the quality you share because this will develop a good impression to the audience to follow you.

Although there are social media platforms which are known for sharing contents are Feedly, Google alerts, or StumbleUpon, but the rationality of a human curator is more reliable.

Being a content curator, you must be very updated and immersed in the social media. You are aware of the trends, recent topics, what’s hot, and what’s not. When an online business employs a skilled curator on their content marketing and whatnots, it gives them the edge to stand out from the competitors and get a measurable traffic that promises the success.

Good contents are a must. Sharing good contents are a must, too.


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