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Last updated on July 31, 2020

SEO Services’ Essentials Unfazed by Google Algorithm Updates

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Are you one of those business owners who get instantly freaked out whenever Google releases certain changes and updates on their current algorithm?
You’ve probably tried to make drastic changes in your current SEO strategy for the sake of keeping up with the sudden boosts in Google’s system.
Ever so frequently, Google has consistently revamped the visual design of their search results page, presented new ranking factors, and at times did minute unnoticeable changes that still affected the rankings for some websites.
Google’s updates are implemented to help webmasters discover new opportunities to get their content and their pages rank. It likewise provides additional criteria that providers of SEO services can use as a guideline when optimizing business sites.
And while there are still many future changes that await the internet service giant, you don’t always have to worry about being left out or having your existing digital marketing tactics scrapped very early on.
Truth be told, SEO has certain fundamentals that remain unchanged and are still highly adaptable despite the constant algorithm changes in Google.

Before we delve into what these SEO basics are in particular, let us first take a closer look at the real purpose of Google’s system updates

The updates are patterned after a model of citations and categorizations utilizing specific keywords and links from other sites. This helps the search engine decode the main topic of a page along with the domain authority of the website.
More updates also mean developing more sophisticated methods in order to match trickier site owners attempting to use rank manipulation and spam threats to get past the secure and valid standards implemented for optimizing websites.
At its core, Google’s technology may change, but not its principles. Google Algorithm’s basic principles are as follows:

  • Crawlability
  • Site structure
  • Keywords
  • Backlinks

Crawlability is focused on ensuring that your content can be found by the search engine for as long as it is accessible and readable to bots. Site structure concentrates on how the content should be prioritized and organized by the search engine.
Keywords present what a website’s content is all about, while backlinks help search engines determine whether the content provided on the site contains trustworthy information or not.

It is important for all websites and content to meet all the above-mentioned qualifications of the algorithms, and this is where the unchanging and unaffected fundamentals of SEO services come into play

As was mentioned, the algorithm changes can serve as a guideline particularly by applying Google’s principles to the fundamentals of your SEO services, specifically:

1. Quality Content

As one of the most trusted search engines worldwide, it is Google’s responsibility to provide and direct its users to the best and most reliable content available online for whatever item of information they seek.
Thus, you must gravitate towards developing and publishing great, significant, and service-related content of your own especially if you wish to achieve the kind of visibility you want for your website.
Quality content must have a length of at least 800 words and aptly translate the information you want to convey to your audience. The content must also exhibit efficient use of header tags and sub-headers to help make the content more digestible and readable especially to native speakers.
The better and more consistent your contents are, the higher the chances that your business website will rank in search engines.

2. Site Visibility

In relation to Crawlability, allowing your website to be visible to bots lets Google accomplish its first step to formulating search engine results—and that is to stock content it encounters across the web.
Crawlability will include your site and your content to Google’s index; thereby letting you appear as a result in SERP’s, too. To secure good visibility for your website along with properly loading pages and crawlable content, your existing strategy for technical SEO must be dependable and supported by quality search engine optimizing tools.

3. Trustworthiness

A trustworthy SEO service can be achieved through linking websites to a vast network of trust indicators or otherwise known as backlinks. Your backlinks let Google’s Algorithms determine which sources provide the most significant and trustworthy information.
The more trustworthy sites are being linked to your website, the more credible it will be. If you want to boost the backlink structure of your SEO services, you need to drive focus on efficient link building.
Ensure that you continue to manage your linking profile to enhance further your domain authority. In turn, this will help secure your website’s ranking for years no matter what changes in Google’s standards or technology you may encounter.

4. Site Structure

Pay attention to your site’s structure. A website’s layout and structure will also tell Google a lot about how much your website is secure, trustworthy, and reliable as a source of information.
The way you structure and configure your website should serve as a guideline for the bots to better decipher how content on your website is arranged from the headers and footers to the placement of pages and the overall layout.
If you have special structures for specific types of content, for instance, a structured markup where you include an alt text in an image or video that you use or include in your blogs and landing page content, this will make bots recognize more easily what information the image or video represents.

Google will then translate it, and if it happens to have keywords in the description used by the users to search for certain information they need, there will be higher chances of your content showing up in the SERPs.
Google will remain adamant at detecting and stopping link spamming, keyword stuffing, link schemes, hidden keywords and other forms of Black Hat SEO from trying to boost site rankings without going through the correct process of having content crawled or inspected first.
So don’t fret if Google suddenly announces additional changes in its current algorithms. Instead, concentrate on enhancing your existing strategies so you can continue delivering dependable and top-notch SEO services.

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