September 30, 2015

Rotten SEO Techniques You Should Throw Away

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Search Engine Optimization is considered a star in the world of Online Marketing. Every business expert will suggest you to use SEO as a means for your website to become popular and and make people want your services and products. Social marketers reigning on the web will write about blogs that will enhance your page results. All business knows the importance of link building, except maybe for those that don’t know what SEO is, and depends on its promised reward.

There are different types of SEO: white hat, which follows the guidelines of search filters and gives slow but steady growth; black hat, which violates these rules and that provides fast but collapsible growth; and grey hat, which is the combination of the two and has unpredictable result.

But whatever type of hats, there is one which stands against them. That is the Google, which can be considered as the kind of web search, along with its search filters.

Unless you don’t use black hat and white hat, there is nothing to worry about being penalized and fallen from your ranking. But following the rules of Google guidelines doesn’t guarantee a growth for your websites. Blame it all to the competition that always  changes things towards a higher level, or better yet, to your SEO techniques.

Google makes it a strong point to update its algorithms to eradicate all troubling sites and contents in the web. All the way you used to raise your page rank would not work anymore because they have to be updated, too. Are you sure your SEO techniques and other factors are not rotten like tomatoes? Check them out.

1. The website design is too artful. You may be surprised that this is not something about SEO itself, but it is true that the web design affect your page ranking. When your site is gimmicky, it is not commendable. Those complicated layouts, excessive decorations, and assorted fonts and colors are not out of fashion. As of the release of Mobilegeddon, Google’s recent algorithm update, which rewards mobile-friendly pages, a new trend of website design is born. It is called “Flat design” that pushes for simplicity.

2. The URL is too long. Addresses containing weird characters are condemned as a scam while long addresses are not recommended too. According to Matt Cutts, the first 3 to 5 words in a URL are preferred by the search engines.

3. Contents are generic. When it comes to the number of words, 400 words was used to be a trend. However, readers would prefer 1000 words or longer content than that. It has to be filled with fresh details, simple words, specific directions, and clear messages. Generic contents are the usual problems in the SEO community.

4. Strategy is poor. This is the number one reason why marketers fail, they don’t  have a solid strategy or they don’t have anything at all. One example is creating the contents of large quantity, instead of putting the quality in the priority. Another is collecting many backlinks from low-quality websites, instead of the few, but popular, respected, and Google-friendly sites.

Stop hoping for your old styles and ways to work for you, and stop whining if they don’t. Embrace change.

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