February 12, 2018

The Role of User-Generated Content in making your Brand more Credible

Business man using content moderation services got a positive users review
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Marketing has always been part of every business strategy, most of its process is all about sharing an honest opinion — and enabling your customers to share their thoughts is the best way to effectively drive user-generated content. It is a major element for an effective content marketing strategy for most product, brand or company. Along with this strategy, businesses are able to monitor any kind of content submissions through content moderation services to protect both their company’s online users and brand reputation. Given that user-generated content can either build or destroy brand’s reputation.

User-generated content (UGC) refers to any form of online content such as pictures, videos, testimonials, tweets, discussions and blog posts that contains genuine opinion from users which promotes an online brand rather than the business itself.

Whether your business is at the starting point of trying to build an audience or an existing brand working on establishing a solid base of loyal customers, it is essential to fully comprehend the value of user-generated content at its very core. To help you understand its function, here are the roles of user-Generated content in making your brand more credible.

Increase Brand Awareness

Through user-generated content your business will be able to introduce your brand and products to a wider audience. When users create an authentic content that speaks about your brand, more people would be aware that your products and services exist. Thus, giving your business more exposure.

According to the world wide survey conducted by Nielsen Company, 90% consumers trust recommendations from people they know while 70% get their certainty from reviews posted by online users. This only shows how businesses benefit from their customers genuine feedback. Consumers are more likely to get engaged with a brand that provides trustworthy experiences to their users.

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Boost Social Endorsements

Enabling UCG campaign on social media strengthens your business credibility, build customers trust and brings your brand’s promises into perspective. This serves as an excellent social proof especially for your potential customers and site visitors. Your brand can held social activities such as custom hashtag, photo or video contest, and questions for discussions. Through these activities, your customers will be able to effectively recommend your brand to other people and create a safer online environment through content moderation services.

It’s important to respond to user’s content. Once your social media platforms have asked for people’s input, your brand needs to acknowledge their efforts. This will result to more meaningful interaction and encourages other users to share their thoughts.

As Sprout Social reports shows that 75% of people are likely to share good experience through their own profile. While a study by Reevoo shows that 61% of people would be engaged with an advertisement if it contained a user-generated content.

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Incorporates Trustworthy Content

The majority of consumers trust their friends when it comes to making a purchase decision. When a satisfied customer tells others about their great experience from their trusted brand, it then provides social proof that supports your brand’s credibility.

The opinion created by people who just loves your brand is seen as unbiased and genuine. As a matter of fact, 47% of millennials and 36% of baby boomers trust user-generated content, whereas 25% of both demographics say they trust brand content.

People who trust user-generated visuals rate, also shows great results. 72% of shoppers are influenced by Instagram photos of a product. Whilst user generated videos on YouTube get 10x more views than branded content. This shows how beneficial visual content is to a brand.

The bottom line here is: Consumers trust user-generated content more than regular brand content. Its authentic and honest because it’s doesn’t contain any pitch of sales, and it’s more human.

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When user-generated content and content moderation services is leveraged properly. Your business brand will surely reap UCG’s functions plus it will make your brand more credible.

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