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Last updated on April 8, 2021

Re-engaging Your Audience through Social Media after the Holidays

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The holiday season is almost always the busiest time of the year, this is usually the time where people shop for presents, prepare for family gatherings and join parties. Nevertheless, with the advancement of technology, people can easily access information through social media services and conveniently shop online, in 2016, more than 108 million people shopped online. With the inflow of web traffic holiday brings, you’ll need a strategy to help you re-engage with your audiences after the holidays. To ensure their continuous use of your products and services and most importantly increase your retention rate.
If your business is looking for strategies that should be done after the holidays, you have come to the right spot.

Gather Email Signups from your Website

If the pop-up forms on your website are used strategically and not in an intrusive and annoying manner, it can help you prompt signups and profits for your holiday campaigns. A study Mailchimp had made showed that adding pop-up in your website can increase your growth list by 60% on average.
Go with beautiful mobile friendly pop-ups that will match your business brand style. This is to catch customer’s attention at the right moment, also, make sure to customize your widget form to pop-up on a time based-delay or scroll-based trigger. Since people visit websites to search for an information or shop for a perfect gift, pop-up form is an effective way to convert audiences into subscribers.

Find new People through Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool to find new customers, you can post your campaigns on Facebook or Instagram depending on the social media services your business have. Adopting this strategy can increase your list of contacts and find new prospects for your business.
You may want to target people similar to your loyal customers. For example, you can segment your subscribers who have spent more than $100 or made more than 2 purchases. You can also base it on the contact rating of your subscribers so you can easily find people similar to your best customers.
The data that you have will surely help you attract the right audience through your ads, this will give you an assurance that you are reaching the right people who can be converted into customers.

Consistently Send updates to your Audiences

Don’t wait until holidays to email your customers— start sending emails to them even on a regular day. This is to maintain your relationship with your customers and your audiences. People would more likely think of your products when they see your updates, promotions and special offers in their inbox.
Some software provide a promo code block option to a campaign to give loyal subscribers a coupon or a gift check that can be used during or after the holidays. Creating a VIP automation series is also an option, so you can provide a sneak peak of your new collection or new products to your loyal customers. If there are no promotions yet, you can always give them an update about your business, send a newsletter or articles that contains relevant information.
Engaging with your audiences after holidays will increase your retention rates, the key here is to be consistent so you can monitor your open and click rates, subscriber contact ratings, and bouncers or unsubscribe rates. In this way, you can easily figure out the best way to drive engagement for your business and target right audience

Determine key Segments through your Audiences

Businesses avoid the fact the emails customers receive is just another subject line calling out for attention in their inbox. If you’ve been building conversations with your customers to lead them to your promotions, then they more likely have opened your campaigns.
However, personalizing your emails will make your customers respond to what you can offer and can increase your open rate by approximately 42%. You can insert their name and merge into your subject line to build trust and have a great relationship with your customers.
One way to make your campaigns that is inclined with your customers interest is through segmentation. Segment your audience based on their past purchase and other e-commerce activity, so you can disseminate your campaigns that will cater your audience’s needs.
Now that you have some useful tips on re-engaging with your audiences after the holidays, you can start to put together some other strategies or plans to make your campaigns more effective and consistent.
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