January 6, 2016

Online Buddies Could Help You with Your Purchase

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With the emergence of countless brands of goods and services in the market, people tend to become wary as it may not provide accurate/honest product information. With that in mind, people opt for what is common or for the same brand that they are familiar with rather than going for something that just came out recently. However, some individuals found a smart way to find useful about the various products through the use of social media.

Researching has always been used by consumers deal with the lack of information or simply to prove a point. Utilization of Google when wanting to gather details about a certain product or service is widespread especially for internet savvies. The search engine can provide facts about the brand and their offers. From there, it evolved to the use of other social media such as Twitter, YouTube and Facebook as well as several applications.

Customers today want as much as information as possible before purchasing a product instead of just relying on ads and appraisals generated by the brand itself. Being cautious about a new product is a norm especially for people who want to get the best for their budget and so they tend to investigate further. Most of the time, useful reviews, advice and commentaries about certain products can be found in social media apps with both positive and negative feedbacks. These evaluations are provided by individuals who had the experience of using the product firsthand as well as from people who claim to be experts with the subject.

Consumers’ online comments have a great influence on the customer’s perspective before deciding to purchase goods. Reviews and commentaries not only discuss about the product itself, but, can also describe the behavior of the shop’s staffs or how they treat their customers. Either positive or otherwise, the evaluation can affect the choice of each individual when trying to buy a product or service from a certain brand/provider/branch.

Is this a good thing or bad? For the business, it can be both since free commendations promote their shop but not all reviews are helpful since it can also damage their brand reputation especially for comments that may criticize their poor service no matter how awesome their products are. For the consumer, it gives a full view about the product or service in question and they are presented with different choices before coming up with a decision.

For a business to be on top of their game, they need to further enhance their products and improve their services to make sure that their customers are provided with full satisfaction. Not only do the social media influence the decisions of customers, but also directly affect the behavior of businesses that wish to receive positive commentaries and feedbacks. Hopefully, this can lead to the development of great quality products and services as well as banish the poor counterparts that are always “sugar-coated” by fancy words and desperate marketing strategies.

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