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Last updated on April 8, 2021

On-site Ads: Keeping Your Website Safe Through Moderation

Ad compliance moderation services process

Advertising continues to expand with the innovation of the different channels of communication. There are still many who prefer to adhere to the more traditional ways of advertising but those who are more tech-savvy would prefer to go with where the audience is and that’s mostly online.

What is On Site Advertising

On site advertising or online display advertising is the strategy of putting promotional banners on other websites. These can be images or rich media like video or animation.

How It Works

Online display advertising is usually sold through ad networks. These networks show advertisers what websites they can display ads on to promote their products, get more clicks or views, and preferably encourage conversion. This network is able to distribute and track ads as well.

Moderating Advertisements

When you allow advertisers to post their ads on your page, it is best to monitor what they are posting. Usually, advertisers buy the space on your website for their ads. When they update their ads or when other advertisers take up other spaces, you should make sure that what they post do not harm your visitors or turn them away. Links or advertisements that have viruses or inappropriate images will make your visitors question the legitimacy of your page which is not good for either you or the advertiser.
Employing ad compliance moderation services to ensure that the advertisers are adhering to the guidelines you have set will help keep your site safe and still look professional.
By getting ad compliance moderation services, you are able to:

  • Make sure that your content is not blocked by any ad put up on your website that has been uploaded
  • Monitor the speed of your page. Ads affect how well or quick your website will load. The amount of ads and the size of it can make your loading time slow and this may increase your bounce rate or the percentage of people who leave your website
  • Protect users from malware. Moderation services can detect if an ad would lead a visitor to an unsafe website.
  • Remove annoying ads like autoplay audio and pop-up ads. With the moderation service, ads that interfere with the visitor’s activity in your site can be removed to keep the bounce rate to a minimum.

Although hosting advertisements on your website may seem like an easy enough way to make money when you have a huge traffic coming into your site, maintaining that traffic organically may get a little tricky with all the ads on your page. Ad Compliance moderation regulate that. This service ensures that your ads are working well for you, your advertisers, and your visitors.
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