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Last updated on April 8, 2021

4 Ways to Deliver Omni-channel Customer Support Effectively

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With the growing needs of empowered customers everywhere, service providers are leveraging to provide exemplary customer support services to gain end-users brand loyalty. Today, businesses can pick from various channels; SMS, Live Chat, Voice and Email. Through these service channels, businesses become more accessible, consistent and able to integrate quality service.
A study made by Aberdeen Group shows that companies who provide consistent quality services using multiple channels retain 89% of their customers, whereas 33% retention rate for companies who don’t use various channels for their customer service.
Many businesses are now investing to omni-channel customer service to grow their brand credibility and gain customer’s loyalty. Below are the various channels that make your business provide an exceptional customer service experience.

  1. Mobile Support

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Almost all transactions are done through mobile or smartphone. Whether searching or purchasing a product, customers are seeking for service providers that is mobile capable. To ensure great mobile experience for your customers, make sure to incorporate appropriate display and easy navigation, as well as fully responsive page. Also, optimize your websites and make them mobile-friendly.
SMS availability is also an excellent way to provide customer service anywhere, anytime. This platform performs versatile roles such as places to-go orders with cafes and restaurants, booking appointments and sending reminders. The immediacy of SMS makes it ideal for urgent situations. If you want to reach a wider market potential so as your customers, using SMS is an effective way to retain and strengthen your relationship with customers.

  1. Live Chat Channel

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According to Forester, 63% of visitors will revisit a website with a live chat service support. While 44% of customers said that being able to get answers to their questions during a purchase is one of the utmost features of a brand’s website.
Since live chat has the ability to help customers quickly and conveniently, it alleviates users’ frustration. In fact, no hold time and convenience is the top two reasons why customers prefer live chat according to a survey made by Software Advice. Moreover, live chat is also a good way to boost sales. As chat agents help to resolve customers’ issues, they have an opportunity to promote products or services that would be useful to them.
Professional live chat agents with comprehensive knowledge of your business brand products and services can use live chat to provide a positive customer experience and increase sales.

  1. Email Customer Service

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With the rise of new customer support service channels, Email still works very well. Email service still preserves its position as the most useful marketing tool. Being used as a marketing strategy, email brings 56% effectiveness in customer retention, compared to 37% retention effectiveness with social media marketing and 8% from mobile advertising.
Email also gives businesses the opportunity to send personalized, branded messages via a secure environment that customers trust. 38% of customers prefer communicating through email about simple customer service issues.
Keep in mind that the expectation of quick response also applies to email. Always focus on answering customers emails when they contact your business. Ignoring their emails might make them end up spending their money elsewhere, and doing business with other brands. If in case your agent can’t answer their queries right away, inform the customer you are working on it and let them know when will they receive a reply.

  1. Voice Support

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Many customers still prefer the immediacy and real time interaction of a phone support. According to Forrester survey, 73% of customers have used phone support in the past 12 months. This shows that voice support services are still making great revenue for businesses and provide better customer experience.
Voice support allows companies to provide customers with exactly what they want: quick, consistent and personalized customer support services.
Offering omni-channel customer care service strengthens the trust between your business/brand and customer.  Through the use of the multiple service channels mentioned above. Customers can reach you at their own convenience and get the exemplary customer support services they deserve.
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