NMS Stepping into the Future with Machine Learning


March 31, 2020

Written by

Merlene Leano

With effort and dedication in providing solutions that benefit our clients, we at New Media Services (NMS) have decided to take the next big step into the future, through the commencement of our Machine Learning project.

Machine Learning (ML) is the next phase of the digital age. As an application that allows systems to learn virtually on their own, based solely on the data they are provided, ML can access information and deliver results whilst factoring in the most appropriate response to a query. The ability of programs to learn for themselves is just another phase of Artificial Intelligence (AI) development.

Taking that First Step

NMS has taken it upon ourselves to develop our very own Machine Learning system. With our vast experience and abundance of data from years of client/customer interactions, we are confident that beginning our own path towards Machine Learning is a step in the right direction. This will eventually allow us to provide better services, set higher standards for deliverables as well as lower costs in the long-run for our clients.

By becoming one of the few innovators in the digital landscape focusing on developing Machine Learning, NMS is powering on ahead. While ML to some is just an incredible concept reserved for the future, we believe the future begins now. That is why we look at ML not just as a concept but as a very possible and attainable target.

The Future

All the time and effort NMS will pour into this project will eventually create a future that treats information as a limitless resource.

The CEO and Founder of NMS, Martin Eyking is excited and very optimistic at the prospect of developing Machine Learning.

“We already have an abundance of information in our systems, it’s about time we put it to good use,” he stated.

“We have the privilege of owning usable data in our goal to create ML systems and as luck would have it, we also have the right people to make this a reality as we grow bigger.” he followed through.

Our ultimate goal is to create an ML system that allows small to medium-sized businesses to introduce Machine Learning without having to invest their own time and money into creating their own systems. Our focus is on creating a ‘plug n go’ solution, so any business, regardless of their industry, can use our Machine Learning systems with ease and comfort. 

Ultimately, Machine Learning will allow us to deliver better customer interactions, more efficient support, smarter solutions and a better view of the possibility for even more future innovations.

The NMS Advantage

We currently provide tailor-made Business Outsourcing Services. Through our flexible business process outsourcing services, we can give our clients cost-effective solutions and better handling of customer and organizational communications.

Driving Efficiencies and Growth For Your Business is Our #1 Priority.

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