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Last updated on July 28, 2020

NMS Reveals Two New Departments


APRIL 2012, VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA – In pursuit of its goal of delivering world-class business excellence, New Media Services is pleased to announce the establishment of two new departments namely Service Support Department and Production Department. The creation of these departments is part of the on-going restructuring of the Operations facet of the company, for better service to its clients.
The Service Support Department will be headed and managed by Mr. Joseph Dequilla. The department’s task is to deal with and handle clients under the Offline and Live services.  As SSM (Services Support Manager), Mr. Dequilla will be in charge of materials and other important documents required for the aforementioned services and make sure that crucial information is properly turned-over to Human Resources, Sales and the Quality department.
The Production Department respectively, will be managed entirely by Mr. George Nollora. This department will handle clients that fall under the company’s mobile applications flagship MobiGo, as well as other content related services, excluding Press Relations (PR) content.
MobiGo is a premiere NMS product that caters in web-to-mobile applications. With this product, NMS tailor-fits and customizes contents for a particular client’s service according to their requests and specifications, down to the most minute details. It is, therefore, the duty of the Mr. Nollora as Production Manager to ensure that all contents are provided and are according to the standards and specifications requested by the clients.
Mr. Dequilla and Mr. Nollora will henceforth, be managing and attending to all client requests and updates for their respective departments. Both managers have expressed their enthusiasm to their new appointments. “It is an exciting time for the company, as we grow bigger and stronger. I am happy that I am part of the expansion and I will clearly see to it that my department will provide excellent service to our current and future partners,” said Mr. Nollora in an interview. Mr. Dequilla also expressed his gratitude for this opportunity. “It is an honor to be heading the newly designated Service Support Department and I, too, will do everything in my power to make sure that all client demands are not only met but exceeded as well,” he stated.
For any and all concerns regarding the services falling under either of these departments, please feel free to approach the manager(s) concerned.
New Media Services, with headquarters in Victoria, Australia, is in the forefront of bringing real people, who give live interactive support services, catering to both the Web Service and Mobile Support Services industries. NMS provides ultimate resource for all your information and entertainment requirements, backed by a team of dedicated and skilled personnel. They lead in providing global outsourcing services utilizing real people.
For more information, please contact NMS at (+61) (0)3 9016 3480 or at www.newmediaservices.com.au. Their office is located at 4 Dundass Grove, Botanic Ridge, Victoria, Australia.

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