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Last updated on July 25, 2020

Translation Services for Your Business


March 26, 2015- New Media Services (NMS), an innovative leader in providing business solutions to web and mobile companies around the globe, officially announces the inclusion of Translation Services to it’s list of business offers. The service covers small, medium and large-scale businesses who aim to expand their coverage through multiple countries and languages
This translation service was initially offered to existing clients as a form of courtesy and added convenience. Starting from this, NMS has developed the add-on service into a full business offer which is now open to previous, existing and potential clients.
Compared to automated translation, which is only useful for short and literal translations, NMS Translation Services ensures a fluid construction of sentences to provide a better flow and more realistic reading experience for the audience.
The service covers all projects and campaigns including, but not limited to short and long documents, website Content, Reports, Terms and Conditions, Transcripts as well as Full Website translation. Currently, the available languages offered are French, Spanish, Portuguese, German and of course English. Other languages may be covered depending on availability.
Martin Eyking, CEO of NMS said “Most translation ‘services’ are actually small businesses or more often, individuals who seek profit in selling their skills as freelancers. This is usually favorable for companies because these translators are quick, cheap and easily found on the internet. However, these small companies and individual translators have their limits. That’s why I thought of having our own Translation Service to cater all companies’ projects and campaigns at a competitive rate.”
To learn more about Translation Services contact us at [email protected] You may also visit to see our full range of offers.
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