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Last updated on July 31, 2020

NMS Launches New Web Content Management Service


VICTORIA AUSTRALIA, NOVEMBER 28, 2012 – Australian IT company New Media Services launches a new service catered at creating and monitoring any social media content.
The new service called “Social Media Content Creation and Management” is for massive production of blog articles, comments, reviews, profile details and other types of content used for online campaigns.
According to Martin Eyking, CEO at NMS, “the service is multi-lingual”.
“We can create comments and articles in Portuguese, French, or even in Mandarin if your site is for the Chinese people,” said Eyking.
In an interview with Geebee Nollora, Operations Manager at NMS, it was learned that the service specializes in producing personal or database content.
“What I like about this service is that it makes sure that the client’s online campaign becomes successful; we offer other support services like online moderation and some troubleshooting strategies to further manage the delivered content.”
To learn more about the features of the new service, visit https://newmediaservices.com.au/socialmediacreation.
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