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Last updated on July 25, 2020

NMS CARES Sponsors Deaf Football Victoria


May 28, 2014 – VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA — In a move to further extend a hand to the Deaf community, NMS Cares, the official CSR arm of Aussie IT company New Media Services Pty. Ltd. is sponsoring the Victorian Deaf Football Club who are playing against the South Australia football team in a game of Deaf footy in June.
Martin Eyking, CEO of New Media Services Pty. Ltd. said “We are pleased to extend our support to the team and we look forward to continuously supporting Deaf Football Victoria in their future sporting activities.”
As part of its sponsorship, the organization provided the team with uniforms that will be worn during the game. The sporting event will be held at the West Thebarton Oval in Torrensville, Adelaide where host team Southern Cross Rebels is set to play against the Victoria Devils on June 7th.
The sponsorship is a throwback from the organization’s pioneer activity when it was launched 2012, where NMS CARES held a 3-day football clinic for a group of out-of-school youths aimed at providing them with the knowledge and skill of the game while at the same time boost their self-esteem and inculcate the value of tea work.
NMS CARES has recently redefined its vision by focusing on supporting Deaf children reach their dreams and now fully commits to advocating for the Deaf children of the community while looking forward to expanding its service all throughout the less privileged young Deaf individuals in the Asia Pacific.
To know more about NMS CARES, please visit http://nms-cares.org or email us at [email protected]