Last updated on January 14, 2019

NMS Call Center Gets CRM, Adds Opt-Out Call Feature

VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA, OCTOBER 2, 2012- NMS Customer Support Services, the forefront in bringing customer support services to mobile businesses worldwide, now uses a Customer Relations Management platform that is expected to increase call quality and production.

According to Sandie Lady Abuan, NMS CSS Operations Manager, the platform both helps in agent efficiency along with providing more advantageous call functions.

She specified that the platform allows call conference (caller-supervisor-agent), live supervision and agent coaching, call queuing and distribution, and call transferring.

“With this tool, we can surely improve our service in providing excellent customer support to our clients,” mentioned Abuan who just finished delivering a round of skills enhancement training to NMS customer support agents.

Meanwhile, NMS added an automatic Opt-Out feature that benefits callers who have no time to interact with live agents.

“When a customer calls, he now has two choices,” Illustrated the manager. “The caller can either talk to one of our agents, or just leave a voice mail then wait for a confirmation SMS within 24-48 business hours.”

Abuan divulged that the new add-on is actually a client request. She expressed that it is part of the NMS client relationship culture to encourage clients to give feedback and comments, and more importantly suggestions on how to improve the quality of services being offered them.

As of press time, clients can now avail of the new add-on, which works alongside the newly launched CRM system.

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