Last updated on January 14, 2019

New Department for Digital Content

NEW MEDIA SERVICES (NMS) — NMS, a leader in global corporate outsourcing and dependable business solutions proudly addresses client demands by creating the DIGITAL CONTENT DEPARTMENT. Immediately following the enhancement of its Multi-lingual Services,is the launching of the company’s newest arm, the Digital Content Department (DCD).

Headed by CEO-PH Atty. Rafael Nacionales, DCD is specifically tailored to expand and enhance the line-up of services offered by New Media Services. With online marketing being among the leading channels used by brands to reach a global audience, offering a wide array of assistance that covers digital content is NMS’ way of contributing to the success of fellow businesses. The services under DCD is a combination of writing and creating written, graphic, and multimedia content, programming, regulating ads, social media marketing and management, increasing online visibility and search engine ranking, translating text documents and websites, as well as providing virtual assistance.

Below is the complete list of services that business owners can expect from DCD:

  • Ad Compliance
  • Content Writing and Data Management/Press Release
  • Design and Programming
  • Multimedia
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Management
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Translation
  • Virtual Assistance


By creating this dedicated department for the aforementioned services, NMS can now centralize it’s deliverables. Thus creating a smoother workflow, quicker coordination, better accountability and output-focused operations.


About New Media Services

New Media Services manages Communications and Content of Consumers through SMS, IM, Email and Voice Solutions using our cloud-based Platforms. NMS is an affordable outsourcing solutions-provider, offering 24/7 coverage in multiple languages with fully flexible services to meet the unique demands and requirement of Clients.

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