November 2, 2012

Mobile Marketing: Tips in building your mobile website

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No doubt that the trend in business and marketing nowadays is aimed directly at mobile communications. It is definitely an option when you want to communicate to your target market in the easiest, most convenient and interactive way. According to, there is an estimate of about 5.3 billion mobile phone users all over the world, and that is roughly about 77% of the global population. In the US, 25% of mobile web users are mobile-only—meaning they do not, or rarely use a desktop, laptop, or tablet to access the web.

Designing your own mobile site for your business is a timely move. Experts predict that there will be a steady increase of people who access the world wide web using their mobile phones, over the next coming years. It is only plausible, since we are now living in a fast-paced world, where everything is on-the-go. Mobile phone access is a must today. People no longer need to go home to check their emails or do personal shopping online. They can all do so using their mobile phones while they are on transit.

However, when building your own mobile site, you must also avoid some blunders that may turn away potential customers or make loyal ones annoyed with it, which both scenarios will make you lose traffic and credibility. This is something you do not want to happen to you. Below are some tips and things you need to know before you build your mobile site.

  1. Simplicity and Clarity.

The first thing you must bear in mind when making your mobile site is design and functionality. You must understand that not all mobile phones perform similarly. You must then decide if it will cater to a specific mobile device or is accessible across all platforms. This will then guide you in your design.

Avoid the use of too many graphics. Graphics reduce the performance of websites, especially large ones. It will affect the overall performance of your website and nobody wants to visit a website that takes forever to load. Minimize graphics and include readable texts more.

Your mobile site must not only be pleasing to the eye, but it must be functional as well. A mobile website that requires too many clicks will make users to drop out, especially if you have a wide range of demographics as your target market. Not everybody will be tech savvy and you must keep this is mind. Keep it simple and clean.

  1. Relevancy

Many companies fail in their mobile site simply because they try so hard to squeeze all of their information from the non-mobile site to the mobile version. This is completely wrong. Mobile sites are only optimized by a fraction of area or pixels on most PC monitors. Meaning you must only put relevant or pertinent information and a lot of data must be dropped, making sure to indentify page requests from mobile phones including only crucial content. Otherwise, pulling up a non-mobile website, on a mobile device, may cause overloading and difficulty in viewing the website.

Most mobile users need urgent information when they use their mobile device. Have relevant information upfront. If you are a merchandise store, make sure the prices are clearly shown or easily seen.

  1. Make it known.

Make sure you optimize your mobile site so that it will show on mobile searches instead of the non-mobile website. You must market you mobile site as you would your website. Or make it so that every time they open your web address on their mobile phones, they are directed to the mobile-optimized web version. The volume of traffic you web pages receive is now being tracked by the major search engines in order to start ranking these mobile ready sites.

In conclusion, building a mobile website must suit your customer’s needs. You must also test it out to a number of mobile devices that will allow you to see your design before everyone else sees it. Lastly, keep up to date with mobile trends, as mobile technology is always changing. Having awareness aids in building a successful mobile website.


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