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Manpower Support Department First Ever Workshop Achieves Notable Success

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DECEMBER 2014 – In an effort to maintain the quality of services rendered to the clients, the Manpower Support Team of New Media Services, headed by their Department Head, Mr. Joseph Dequilla, had conducted a large scale training and orientation for aspiring and existing contractual employees. The event took place in the month of November at The Heritage Hotel in Pasay City.

The one-on-one training and orientation program aims to expand the NMS workforce and at the same time, improve the quality of services provided to existing and potential clients. The goal is to develop and enhance the skills of the current and future employees – gearing them to work and adapt to various circumstances about their job. They are expected to become more committed, motivated and efficient in executing their tasks.

In addition, the orientation process included a brief introduction about the online business industry. This gives them an idea about their line of work.

“Ensuring the competence and performance of your workforce must be taken seriously in order to keep up, or even surpass your clients’ standards. This way, we can serve well both our clients and our people.” – Martin Eyking, Founder and CEO of New Media Services.

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