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Last updated on July 30, 2020

Why Logo Design is Critical for Your Business’ Success

Logo Quiz is a famous game downloaded to mobiles. The mechanics of the said game is to name each logo presented by batch. The player should give a particular number of correct answers to unlock a new level. These icons are usually logos wordless or modified from different companies, organizations or brands. Aside from the fact that it gives fun and bonding time with friends or family, it tells something about business.
It tells about the power of a business factor that is commonly overlooked. The logo is not a mere graphic design that is attached to the company name, but it is a symbol that represents the entirety of a company. The color, the shapes, and the arrangement hold the name of the company as well as its mission and vision. Thus, it can be considered as the capsule or summary of the whole business thing.
Some good examples can be cited from famous brands. Amazon’s logo has a smiley which represents the satisfaction of customers, and at the same, it is also an arrow that points from the letter A to Z which means the variety of products and choices you will have in the Amazon. Another example is the FedEx logo where between E and Ex is a hidden arrow which tells that the company looks forward to the future and its fast service.
The game which makes use of brand logos will show if your company is recognized by people. The more your logo is answered correctly and in speedy manner means that your company’s name gains popularity to a wide scope of audience. The higher popularity it has, the larger number of consumers your business has. A popular logo doesn’t need much advertising as the logo itself is already an advertisement.
Try answering what these descriptions of logos refer to:

  • Blue silhouette of a bird
  • Silver bitten apple
  • Sign of Swoosh
  • Twin-tailed mermaid
  • Two golden arches

The logo is an essential design that retains in people’s memory. It seemingly tells who Johnny Deep is from Clint Eastwood and that Johnny Depp is a versatile actor while Clint Eastwood is a tough actor. For a consumer, the logo also serves as the face of a company. The items include Twitter, Apple, Nike, Starbucks, and McDonalds respectively.
Remember, the logos appear on letterhead, commercials, the web, and many more. Well-designed logos took time to create, but they pay off because they make your brand look experienced and trustworthy. Although logos are continuously upgraded to fit the coming eras, companies such as Pepsi, Siemens and IBM had gone through huge levels of logo redesign to come on something that will grow with them and their consumers.
The logo is a company’s identity. It must not be taken for granted.

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