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Last updated on April 8, 2021

Live Chat Services: Preparing for the Holidays

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The Holidays are fast approaching and that means businesses will need to step-up to either handle the influx of traffic or to handle the aftermath of going on holiday break.
For most businesses either in product or service industries, public holidays provide a window to increase sales and close out the year with a bang. This is also a time where customer service should be at its best.
In Live Chat Services alone, which currently takes 73% of customer satisfaction results, an uptick of interactions is expected for this coming holiday season. This uptick requires a bit of planning and strategy in order to maximize operations while ensuring sales, effective assistance and an increase in customer satisfaction.

Here are a few Considerations for Holiday Live Chat and Operations

Be Festive – It wouldn’t hurt to get into the season. Custom holiday greetings at the beginning or at the end of chat interactions would help. Even a chat window theme that aligns with the holidays can dramatically improve customer interactions. Perhaps go all-out by having a full website custom theme?
Review Interaction Policies – It’s always a good practice to brief your staff on standing policies during Holidays. That is because live chat operators can get caught in the spirit of the holidays and become a little careless in their interactions. Also, some holidays are not a holistic observance. Reminding your workforce of the many differences between customers can ensure that customer service is maintained to the fullest extent that a policy allows.
Learn from Past Experiences – The thing about holidays is that there are multiple volumes of knowledge to use as teaching tools in business operations. A business can learn from previous knowledge, advice from partners and even from competitors. The data gathered from these sources are priceless and indispensable in terms of operations.
Ensure Service Level from Providers/Suppliers – Verifying that everything needed for operations is, and will be reliable during the holidays is important. Pop an email, engage in a chat or make a courtesy call to your providers/suppliers to confirm that these entities have you covered so you, as a business, can cover your own customers. Your internet providers, power suppliers, manpower services and for some, their outsourcing partners should all be ready and reliable.
Create Contingencies – Always assume the best but prepare for the worst. In the off-chance that something does go wrong, consider setting a backup. Live chat systems failure? Have an SMS/Voice/Email backup. Power failure? Invest in generators or assign priority services/departments for bigger businesses that can’t supply power to a big operations center.
Prepare Call Contact Lists – A business never sleeps. That means that for some company positions, the work never stops. Creating a call contact list of vital employees to solve any issues and answer any questions is an absolute necessity.
Invest in a Multi-Platform Chat System – This may be an expensive investment but it is worth its weight in gold. A multi-platform chat system that works in various devices, operating systems and connection types is a perfect way to cover not just holiday operations but daily business as well.
Setup a Post-Holiday Review – It is never too early to learn and it’s never too late to improve. Post-holiday reviews can identify roadblocks, allow immediate damage control for any issues and identify the success rate of plans.
With the convenience of website chat or application-based chat services, Live Chat has become the most convenient way to assist customers while they are online. Holidays only test the resilience of these services but the day-to-day operations are the ones that actually benefit from lessons and improvements gained.
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