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Last updated on July 25, 2020

Joey Gabra Joins Forces With New Media Services


BURBANK, California – As the industry continues to expand and grow, many industry veterans find themselves in search of new challenges to conquer. Those that have an extensive network, years of experience and intuitive ideas will always search for a bigger goal and greater challenges; as has been the case for Mr. Joey Gabra, who up until recently, was the Managing Director for the award winning mobile solutions company Affil4You.
Joey’s decision to leave Affil4You was not an easy decision to make. Ending a 7-year career dealing in traffic and other affiliate work in order to focus his talents in a new career path is difficult; but as always, Joey is up to the challenge.
“My business interests and goals have changed and I was looking to move in a direction where I could focus on the needs of our industry” states Joey, who continues to disclose “I’ve seen so much of the industry moving in the direction of cams, social media, and VR that calls for a quality user experience and heightened customer/client engagement so this is where I wanted to be!”
Joey has officially started with New Media Services with which he has had the pleasure to lend his skills to on a personal level.
“You may have heard of New Media Services over the last couple of years as they have quickly established themselves as being one of the best companies in the mainstream and adult industry for providing anyone in the digital media arena with top quality outsourcing resources and hi-tech back office services. In short, New Media Services is all about ‘people power’ and our people give your companies the power to succeed!” says Joey.
Joey takes on the role of “Solutions Director” in New Media Services, where his strong ties to various businesses, industries and companies in digital media space allows him to assess the needs of these companies and provide the best solutions through the service offers of New Media Services.
“I am thrilled to have Joey join NMS, Joey will bring customer management as well his ability to create solutions for our clients” says Martin Eyking, Owner of New Media Services.
The future for Joey looks brighter than ever with him having a passion for technology and the desire to be a part of something that can offer companies a solution to succeed.
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